Price: Solis an enigma

Price: Solis an enigma

David Price believes Odlanier Solis could be the man to end Vitali Klitschko's reign as WBC heavyweight champion.

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Neil Birbeck says...

dont think vitali is that bad of a fighter, and has definately been wrongfully critised in the past, he fights decent opposition, bar danny williams. I think now is a good time to showcase a war and cement a legacy, and if we dont see it here.. enter david haye.

Posted 17:40 18th March 2011

Scott Robbins says...

Well if Solis has got himself in ring-shape, then you'd like to think that he should provide Vitali with a good challenge. Albert Sosnowski gave Vitali a decent challenge, but Vitali's conditioning proved to be too much towards the latter rounds. If Solis can provide a good workrate and have the stamina to maintain it for 12 rounds, then his boxing ability gives him a good chance of out-speeding the slower, but still very formidable Vitali. Let's hope for the sake of Heavyweight Boxing that it's not another one-sided fight for the Klitschkos. I'd like to see Vitali break a sweat at the very least.

Posted 16:26 18th March 2011

Bcfc Blues says...

give it arest price solis is good but not that gd vitali knockout or unanimus decision

Posted 13:18 18th March 2011

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