Vitali standing by for Haye

Vitali standing by for Haye

David Haye could fight Vitali Klitschko this summer with reports suggesting brother Wladimir is struggling for fitness.

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Gary Fortune says...

terry mann, you know thothing about boxing or the Klitschkos, i am a haye fan, but the Klitschkos are no jokers

Posted 18:17 23rd March 2011

Vladimir Zadyraka says...

Either Klitschko will Knock Haye out.........ROUND 2....heard it here first!!!

Posted 10:24 23rd March 2011

Paul Lindfield says...

If this is the case then Haye will be in the ring with a seriously strong Human Being, this man is a monster. Haye has more ofa chance than anyone else out there but is a huge ask, the only time Vitali has been really hit was against Lewis, and apart from the terrible cut he didnt look like he was going to go, its possible but doubtful, i will be cheering him on though.

Posted 21:46 22nd March 2011

Terry Mann says...

Haye,please do every boxing fan a favour and knock these two clown brothers out. The are the slowest,sluggish,mechanical talentless heavy weight champs i have ever seen... Haye to ko both these chumps in 3 rounds... It's just a pity they'll both walk away from the sport very rich men due to the severe lack of talent over the past decade

Posted 21:29 22nd March 2011

Adam Whittaker says...

I dont pretend to know the in's and out's of boxing but for those people on here talking bad of Solis and talking up Klitschko from that 1 round must know as little as me about the sport... Even a fool can see the punch didnt land, it slid off Solis' head and Solis wasnt hurt... He stayed on his feet for a good 2 seconds before his cruciate tore and he went over. He got back up on his good leg no problem but the problem came when trying to put weight on his bad knee. Injurys happen in sport, and unfortunately it happened to Solis and ruined the fight... but to say he was stopped by Vitali is wrong. And on Vitali, I hope Haye knocks him out... I have never seen a champion in any sport act with as little class as he did at the final bell.

Posted 14:38 22nd March 2011

David Parker says...

Chris Mcnally, how old was Lennox Lewis when the much younger "great Vitali" fought him?? would this of been the same outcome if Lewis was in his prime?? Talking of primes, Haye is in his, and has the speed and power to trouble both robots. Vitali looked slower than ever against Solis (who is slower than Haye) and got caught several times, he is way past his best. This fight could be coming at the perfect time for Haye............Although when Vitali loses, people like yourself will then probably fall back on the age point I mentioned and claim that Haye never deserved it and blah blah blah.........Its probably cos Haye is british and all we do as brits is knock our athletes down constantly!!

Posted 14:37 22nd March 2011

Chris Young says...

david haye i s a very beautfiful man, but he has proved nothing through boxing. very beautiful none thte less, i feel he should reitre and take up acting as he is a poor boxer and fights old men who have past there best.

Posted 14:28 22nd March 2011

Matt Fillery says...

Ahh, the same old pony: "Vitali was ahead on points against Lewis blah blah blah". Go and educate yourselves you mugs, Lewis caused 60+ stitches to Klit's boat before the fight was stopped. Lewis won and he wasn't even in his prime! Klit has fought chumps from day one and Haye will make him quit on his stool by round eight.

Posted 13:25 22nd March 2011

Richard Clarke says...

Vitali is a more complete fighter than Wladimir and he is not against taking a hit. A Haye Vs Vitali fight is a different game altogether to a Wladimir fight. I do think he stands a good chance but he'll have to get through an excellent defensive tactician. Ok, he's not been tested recently but he has an excellent boxing brain and will not back off like his brother.

Posted 13:24 22nd March 2011

Rob Underwood says...

Couldn't agree more with people who think wlad is running scared he knows Haye has his number, Would love to see this fight but can't see Wlad taking it. Vitali is another matter though. Vitali may not be as quick as he once was but the man is a warrior through and through and would be a tough fight for any heavyweight in history. forget about Haye v Wlad and lets get a fight with vitali signed and sealed it will be huge. Haye has a good chance of winning on cuts or points but as far as knocking out Vitali forget it, Haye hits hard, but harder than Lennox? probably not. Either way it will be an awesome fight come on the HAYEMAKER.

Posted 12:02 22nd March 2011

Laurence Butler says...

You all seem to forget that Solis stopped haye in the ameteurs. Hes a tough guy. he should get his chnace again.

Posted 11:54 22nd March 2011

Guy Mortimer says...

I watched Klitschko - Solis and noted that the Cuban managed to land a number of punches on Vitali's chin. Luckily for Klitschko Solis is a light puncher because he could have been hurt if he had been facing a heavy hitter like Haye. The 'Hayemaker' definitely has a puncher's chance against both Klitschkos. I don't say he will definitely win but his power gives him a chance. Regarding the end of the fight - Vitali did land a right to the temple, but it didn't look very hard and you can defenitely see Solis' knee giving way leading to the injury. Hopefully the Cuban doesn't get a rematch, although he's a slick boxer, Solis just doesn't have the necessary power to trouble the likes of the Klitschko's. He couldn't put club fighter Ray Austin away in his previous fight and eventually ended up winning on a DQ. Haye would have crushed Austin inside three rounds. He deserves a shot at the Ukranian giants, let's hope he gets it.

Posted 09:59 22nd March 2011

Bobby Bobby says...

Vitali will put Haye in hospital as he does with all the "tough" guys he is boxing against. Lenox lewis was lucky to suspiciously open that cut (with a head but) otherwise he was loosing with 2-3 rounds.. Chris bird was loosing 3-4 rounds to Vitali as well when he stretched his shoulder. Vitali has never been floored, NEVER, Haye can give him 2-3 punches in a row he wont even wobble, Haye is a goner if he faces Vitali, my face hurts only thinking of it, he can not take the punishment for full 12 rounds.

Posted 09:40 22nd March 2011

Rodney Rader says...

Haye who ? The K brothers have done a very good job politically in holding onto the belts, they do whats best for them in getting the big W. When its time they decide which one will, Haye hasnt fought anyone young or anyone skilled, his mouth want work in the ring, haye goes down in 4.

Posted 03:12 22nd March 2011

Big Al says...

I actually think despite Vitali's record, Wladamir will be the tougher fight, he has become very good at what he does under Stuart. I agree with previous posters Vitali is looking slow and will age quickly against Haye. Wladamir will be the intersting fight. (if it happens!)

Posted 22:03 21st March 2011

Chris Hickey says...

I like Vitali but I really dislike the way the Klitchko's do business, they always have a get out clause with everything single fight and make silly demands and expect people to jump to their every need. There is no way Haye will be fighting Wlad in July, he is obviously going to step aside so his 'big brother' can test Haye first. Vitali isn't going to let his weaker brother hold 5 belts to his 1 when he is the better fighter. He wants Haye's WBA so they have all the belts between them. Haye will drop Wlad within 7 rounds and I know he see's Haye as a risk, Vitali will be tough but based on Saturdays robotic action I think Haye will be too fast and win the fight by MD.

Posted 21:45 21st March 2011

Rob Davis says...

To Mark Hicken, it is telling when a large proportion of English boxing fans are not behind David Haye. The reason is simple. His mouth is bigger than his punch. The likes of David Haye makes a mockery of a world title. Whilst it would be great to have a true English world champion, we will never find one in Haye, and I for one can't wait to see EITHER of the Klitschko's finish Haye's career before he gets the chance to retire, if nothing else for the sake of the sport.

Posted 21:30 21st March 2011

Matthew Brown says...

well having looked at the video of the fight i really cant see any sort of clean contact with Vitali Klitschkos glove to solis face! the fight was a joke and to be honest i think haye has the speed and tekers to be beat what ever Klitschko is put in front of him! speed is power and i belive that they wont be able to cope with it!

Posted 21:24 21st March 2011

Matt W says...

Paul W you have summed it up mate. Wlad never intended to fight Haye, They pair have always wanted to rule the division and if big bro vitali fought haye that makes it a chance for the Klitschko brothers to rule the heavyweight world. All staged what a farce. I do think vitali is a harder fight for haye but i think he can pull it off with clever boxing tatics, hit and move is the key and wear him to the body to slow him down to take him out late on. Come on Haye!!

Posted 21:16 21st March 2011

Ed Hulme says...

Haye pulled out because he was contracted to Setanta Sports and that was going under and went under shortly afterwards Thats where the majority of Haye's money was coming from. He had to pull out else he would of got paid peanuts. A back injury had nothing to do with it. Haye and either Klitchko will be top fights that could go either way. Enjoy. I will.

Posted 20:17 21st March 2011

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