Vitali standing by for Haye

Vitali standing by for Haye

David Haye could fight Vitali Klitschko this summer with reports suggesting brother Wladimir is struggling for fitness.

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Ryan Parrett says...

Dan Mass, i guess you haven't actually watched the Lewis Vs Klitschko fight? It was a punch that opened the cut in the 3rd round i think. then Lewis worked at it with hard accurate shots to open it up an also pretty much ruin Vitalis face. To the extent of 60 plus stiches! Lewis may have been knackered by round 6, but he had Vitali badly hurt. Lewis also had one that, and the previous round before the fight was stopped. And lets not forget, this was Lewis in very poor condition (although still far better than most heavies today). David Haye might beat Wlad. But not Vitali. Haye will have to take risks to get hard shots onto Vitali's chin, to get inside that jab, and even thse wont knock Vitali down, let alone out. Vitali to win inside 4 rounds sorry folks.

Posted 20:13 21st March 2011

Dane Crosby says...

It wouldnt suprise me at all that Vitali would be the one fighting David Haye in the summer, and I dont think its a case of Wlad being scared of Haye but more of a brotherly agreement between Wlad and Vitali to share the amount of belts they hold and in reality share the division as you will, I just dont see why Wlad or Vitali would be scared to fight Haye when they've fought everybody in front of them.... its of my opinion that david haye should keep running his mouth about the opposition Klitschko brothers have faced when they have simply fought everybody they could with the acceptions of one or two... to be honest David Haye cant make any comments about whos a bum because in my opinion though I support him as a fellow british citizen but he hasent proven himself against any of the better ranked heavy weights to be calling anyone. I actualy hope david loses to be honest because at the end of the day hes the one retiring so it wouldnt do anything for the division with a david haye win, hes in it for the pay day with these potential last two fights and knows Wlad would be the easier opponent hence not even mentioning Vitali at all.... which ever Klitchsko he fights... a Klitschko win via KO in the middle / late stages of the fight.

Posted 19:46 21st March 2011

Kevin Dillon says...

Haye will beat Wlamidir but not Vitali... i think anyone who thinks otherwise doesnt know boxing.

Posted 19:04 21st March 2011

Aaron Johnson says...

it matters not which brother Haye faces, he will be knocked out in short order. I must admit i'd love to see Vitali destroy him

Posted 18:56 21st March 2011

Danny Taylor says...

Why is everyone being calling each other and saying "Haye will do this, Vitali with do that!" god sake, am i the only one looking forward to this fight, looking forward to both genuinley awsome fighters getting to test there skills against a worthy opponent? I do believe Haye has the tools to beat both Wlad and Vitali, But who ever wins am looking forward to being throughly entertained on that night!

Posted 18:53 21st March 2011

Dan Tucker says...

@Dan Mass I am a student of boxing and yes Vitali is a good boxer n he's good technically BUT, He still lost. He has been defeated Lewis beat him n the first line they always say is protect yourself at all times Lewis went after the weakness and exposed it. Plain and simple. I just wish Guys like Riddick Bowe, Mike Tyson, Holyfield were in their primes the division wouldn't be so boring. N a fight would happen somewhere other than Germany or some far out european country.

Posted 17:54 21st March 2011

Monty Smith says...

everyone hu knows sumthing about wlad knows that he wont get in the ring unless he is 100% ready and thats fair enough and all this talk about hayes power but wlad got in the ring with sam peter and won twice. in my opnion all these news reports are just a plan to get the fans interested and come july 2nd it will be wlad vs haye because his injury would have healed and 3/4 months is enough time to get into shape to fight anyone.

Posted 17:51 21st March 2011

George Gill says...

@dan ure homework dude...vits cut ome from punches not a clash of heads...and for the record vit fought a overweight 50% lennox lewis...and looked what the outcome was....haye 2 destroy vit and it or hate it...its the truth

Posted 17:39 21st March 2011

Andy Bailey says...

My word there are some "knowledgeable" people posting here - NOT! No Vitali hasn't been knocked out, but he's only everfought one good fighter (Lewis) who beat him. By the way the cut wasn't the only damage to Vitali that night, he took a battering up until he landed his one lucky shot. The victory against Solis wasn't about power punching, h didn't even land cleanly. You can clearly see Solis' knee give way as he steps forward. Solis hit Klitschko almost at will! Haye is too fast for either brother. They've never faced speed like Haye has, not even close. Yes Haye's chin has been a worry in the past but like Floy Mayweather his style means he doesn't gat caught that often, Vitali would have to wind up his punch before he even left the dressing room in order for it to land on Haye by the time they both got to the ring - he's that slow! Styles make fights and against ponderous, predictive fighters like the Klitschkos Haye will have no problems delivering a knockout. By the way, Haye had to pull out of the first fight with a back injury, but Wlad wasn't exactly trying to re-arrange it was he?? He even took on Chisora just so he wouldn't have to face Haye!! Frankly if you can't get behind Haye then you should at least talk some sense. If you can't even do that then you shouldn't post here!

Posted 17:30 21st March 2011

Neil Birbeck says...

@ dan mass, easy to hop on the vitali band wagon now, klitchko wasnt WELL ahed on points against lewis, lewis had won the two previous round before that fight was eventually stopped. Vitali in no position to win it with one eye. Cut was caused by a punch also which was why lewis was given the win, have you watched that fight or just read about it? Step up David Haye!

Posted 17:29 21st March 2011

Craig Culshaw says...

that fight was a joke! i dont care who haye faces as long as its a Klitschko. wanna see haye launch some bombs at them see how they deal with it......

Posted 17:13 21st March 2011

Jeff Bridges says...

Seriously, does anyone who reads these posts actually know anything about boxing? Jon Blay: Vitali was ahead on ALL of the judges¿ scorecards vs. Lennox and the fight was stopped on a cut, albeit a bad one. If you have not seen the fight, then please do not comment on it. Also, are these people stating that Vladimir is chinny for real? Is it not David 'Hayemaker' Haye that was stopped by Carl Thompson and floored by Mormeck? Let me tell you, both brothers hit MUCH harder than anyone Haye has faced and it is in fact Haye's glass chin which will be tested the most I am afraid. One further point, it is just a matter of size. Each brother dwarfs Haye and this makes it extremely difficult for him to win. AND PLEASE, don't pull out the Valuev card!! This man is not a boxer and showed that in a one-sided loss to a nearly 50 year old Holyfield who I thought was absolutely robbed. To be honest, I'm looking forward to Haye getting knocked out so we can get back to a sense of boxing reality in the UK!!

Posted 16:49 21st March 2011

Greg Valentine says...

"Haye's manager Adam Booth is still in talks with opposite number Bernd Boente finalise details of the Briton's heavyweight unification," really?

Posted 16:40 21st March 2011

Dan Mass says...

@Jon Blay you the biggest fool on here, and theres a few to choose from. Vitali was well ahead on points against Lennox, he was stopped because Lennox pounded a cut that Vitali got early on from an accidental clash of heads. Do your homework. All Vitalis losses have come from injury, where he was already well infront on points.

Posted 16:23 21st March 2011

Darren Aston says...

Is anybody missing the point here, vitali has never been floored never mind knocked out, so all those who are saying haye will knock him out are stupid. If anything haye will get knocked out.

Posted 16:04 21st March 2011

Pete Burton says...

Hayes the one who pulled out twice before.Both klitschkos have beaten young live contenders serveral times.All of Hayes challengers have been 37 plus years an on the slide.Running scared? I doubt it.

Posted 15:52 21st March 2011

Pete Burton says...

Running scared of the hayemaker? The fight is on mate.The fight was on before twice haye pulled out.Its the ultimate test for Haye at heavyweight.His first fight against an opponent under 37 years of age.

Posted 15:49 21st March 2011

Paul W says...

I stand by my previous posts "Wlad will not get in the ring with Haye - he will feign injury and Vitali will take his place". If Wlad simply had an abdominal injury it would have been well on the way to being rehabilitated by now (he hasn't "fought" since September last year) It isn't his abs he has a problem with its a pair of spherical objects a bit lower down he can't find!

Posted 15:40 21st March 2011

Jon Blay says...

Mark Lyons, you are crazy if you think solis had a chance in the first place, Vitali would of won the fight if he was standing on his head. David Haye is the ONLY heavyweight that can test either of the brothers and we shall see in July, i couldnt care less who it is because it will be a test for both fighters. The Klitschko's are great fighters but only cos nobody has been about to really test them, Vitali was nothing when lennox fought him and he cut him to pieces, Haye WILL do the same.

Posted 15:32 21st March 2011

Gearoid Mcalister says...

im seeing alot if stuiped comments saying wladamir is scared but u need to relise that it wtimeas haye who pulled out the first

Posted 15:18 21st March 2011

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