Vitali standing by for Haye

Vitali standing by for Haye

David Haye could fight Vitali Klitschko this summer with reports suggesting brother Wladimir is struggling for fitness.

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Werner Tschirky says...

Small and fast SOLIS has shown the world that he can hit the giant Vitali ! David Haye who is some 2 inches taller and also faster than the Cuban will have no problem to flatten the Ukrainian in 3 to 4 rounds. I guess that Wladimir would be a more dangerous opponent who nevertheless could not escape a KO by the haymaker. Werner Tschirky Vitali

Posted 15:09 21st March 2011

De Gambz says...

HA! I'm sure even David Haye has been quietly expecting these 'reports'..David Haye is most probably training to face Vitali would do him more good

Posted 15:08 21st March 2011

Feltch Kid says...

lalala i dont think she should even try it, but at the end of the day theres nothing to complain about so i threw a shoe at her still. nufff luv

Posted 14:56 21st March 2011

Andy Booth says...

Is it just me or did everyone else think it would end up being Vitali as soon as this clause in the contract was mentioned? Wlad is not stupid and knows Haye has the power and the speed to stop him early on and make him look very poor indeed, Vitali on the other hand, all though very one dimentional does (or did last time it was tested) have a very good chin! That said, no one is imposible to stop and haye might just have the tools to do it ........ then where would Wlad find himself?

Posted 14:52 21st March 2011

Scott Duncan says...

I hope it is Vitali first, he is more open and easier to hit than his brother, Haye would stand a better chance of knocking him out. Thats if he doesnt get hit first!!!!!!! but Haye is quick enough to keep Vitali at bay. Wlad is a counter puncher and a damned good one at that, it would take more effort breaching his defense than actually sparking him out. Dont let Vitalis record fool you, he WAS a great fighter, but age has caught up with him now and he is coming across very slow now, hoping for that "iron fist" KO blow

Posted 14:39 21st March 2011

Gary Wright says...

Haye will end up having to, fight Vitali. Wlad will not get over his 'injury' and will pull out. The brothers know that Haye has the beating of Wlad but that Vitali will, in my opinion, be too much for Haye. This has been thier plan all along and now Haye is in a corner due to his stated retirement date. All just politics and bullsxxt. Wlad has never intended to fight Haye. he only put pen to paper once there was a clause for his brother to step in if he was 'injured'. wlad is a fraud whereas Vitali is a real fighter.

Posted 14:20 21st March 2011

Chris Mcnally says...

This is to mr Ryan anderson Trust me the Vitali will never run that man is a trojan he has came out of retiment at the age of 40 after a 4 year break then he goes and beat 2-3 fighters and solis who is 10 years younger,how can you say that Vitali runs scared vitali is the man who put up proberly the best boxing fights ever to be fought against lennox lewis. If Haye will not fight Vitali because Haye knows it can only take 1 punch from Vitali to end the fight Haye does have a weak chin as he has shown in the past Vitali has had lots of smacks on his chin and he has never been put on the canvas vitali has the best chin in boxingVitali to beat Haye round 6

Posted 14:09 21st March 2011

Mark Hickin says...

Here we go again....I think Wladimir wont step in the ring with the Haymaker,He is going to use this stomach injury as an excuse not to fight, So he can let his big brother step in for him...This was their plan all the time mark my words...All the British fans should get behind David Haye and stop thinking, its hes doing not to get in the ring...After saturdays performance i cant see David loseing against a roboctic Vitali anyway...COME ON THE HAYMAKER...

Posted 14:07 21st March 2011

Big Jimmy says...

for once vitali looks more beatable than wlad... haye is quicker, fitter and a much heavier puncher than solis. with better moverment and reaction solis was catching vitali in the first round quite easily, his reactions arent what they were...

Posted 14:06 21st March 2011

Mark Lyons says...

Haye will beat Wladimir but will has no chance of getting by Vitali. I would give Solis a chance in a rematch, but never Haye.

Posted 13:32 21st March 2011

Ryan Anderson says...

is it just me or are the Klitschko brothers running scared of the Haymaker?? They seem to talk alot aboud Haye being a "fake" champion yet meither will step up and face the ultimate test of their titles!!! its all getting a little boring now... Wladimir and Vitali stop talking and sign on the dotted line no so called injuries just fight!!!!!

Posted 12:26 21st March 2011

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