Elite League Speedway: Kelvin Tatum casts eye over teams and riders

Elite League Speedway: Kelvin Tatum casts eye over teams and riders

Swindon and Poole are the teams to beat in this year's Elite League Speedway, says Kelvin as the revs of the engines grow louder...

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Steve Perrett says...

no disrespect to the now belle vue team, but i feel they have'nt had a desent team since peter collins and chris morton rode for them

Posted 23:06 10th April 2013

Geoff Daniels says...

predictable analysis from kelvin but I disagree just you watch the aces go this season !!!! we will have very strong reserves even got richie worrall now !!!!!! zager will be steady cookie best young brit out there zorro will be is entertaining self wolbert is world class round kirky lane !! the aces are defo in business this season !!!!!!!!

Posted 13:56 27th March 2013

David Elms says...

Nobody seems to include Hans in the Swindon side

Posted 21:44 26th March 2013

Alex Griffiths says...

Wouldnt change our top 2 boys for anyone within the elite league - Go Freddie & Tai they will help us get in the top 4

Posted 13:05 26th March 2013

Al Coleman says...

Unbelievable, Kevin has just focused on Darcy Ward's off track shenanigans and ommitted to even mention the current SGP world champion in the Pirates ranks. The Pirates will wipe the floor with all the others if the young Poles start to fire early on. It'll be like Man United playing Accrington Stanley most weeks I'm afraid..

Posted 11:15 26th March 2013

Charlotte Rabey says...

Come on swindon,really hope you canhold on the crownfor another season,so glad batch is back and andersen and kildemand,thikwe are going to be a tough team to beat along side the poole pirates

Posted 11:15 26th March 2013

Stephen Willson says...

One glaring omission from Kings Lynn team is Mads Korneliussen who can become one of the top riders in the league. Without injuries they will be in the running for sure

Posted 08:32 26th March 2013

Uppy Mcguppy says...

Good analysis from Kelvin, I think Birmingham will be the surprise team this season as there team manager Phil Morris has the skills to coax extra points out of all of the team.

Posted 16:43 25th March 2013

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