Matchplay guide

Matchplay guide

Rod Harrington has warnings for the big names as he previews every game of the Matchplay first round.

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Chris Jackson says...

I've watched all matches so far & loving it. what amazes me mostly is how quick these chaps workout the scoring, and if they don't get the bed they want, they can, in a blink of an eye, workout what they need instead, (especially MVG). I think jackpot will take the title though, he is unreal. Jabba will take some beating. (beating the warrior is no easy task) blind in his right eye was sad to hear. MVG is class, we all know that, but not throwing like he usually does I reckon. hang on, I forgot about chizzy! , the power! the wizard! hell, this is impossible to guess who could win!.. was amazed to see the thorn lose, but that white 125 checkout was the killer blow

Posted 16:25 23rd July 2013

Colm Langan says...

great to see Brendan Dolan through to the next round great thrower and a nice bloke, equally delighted to see Anderson through hopefully he's back to his best now. Nicholson needs to sort himself out if his emotions get the better of him then maybe he needs to take a break from the game for awhile. Cmon DOLAN

Posted 11:51 22nd July 2013

Gary Gaateu says...

Cracking article by 'The Jacket' once again. Couldn't agree more as an avid follower of the arrows. Big Phil the Powerhouse Taylor still the man to Steve Beaton for me. Meaty Michael Van Gerwen always challenging these days too and you can never rule out The Man down Under Simon Whitlock or Mr Rubble himself Raymondo Barneveld. It will still be extremely interesting to see who takes the Adrian Jackpot Lewis though.

Posted 01:17 19th July 2013

Andy Clarke says...

Once again Taylor gets the easy draw! Every single Major he gets the youngster or qualifier. I'm not saying he isn't the greatest but it is so geared up for him to win it.

Posted 12:30 18th July 2013

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