Licensed to thrill

Licensed to thrill

Dewi Morris says it has been a long twelve months but the jeers have finally turned into cheers at Twickenham.

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Dave Legend says...

any englishmen in that team. hartley,furry,hape even mike catt was a foreigner

Posted 11:05 19th November 2010

Matthew Todd says...

people seem to be forgetting it was ben youngs that got man of the match in the england game..yes ashton scored the tries the 2nd of which we all know was amazing, however the catalyst for the performance as a whole was youngs and he is union born and bred

Posted 19:39 18th November 2010

Gareth Hopley says...

Max Wardley, Matthew tait? Really? based on what? I love the idea of great runners who attack space, but he has NEVER played well for England. And don't say the RWC final 2007, that was one run, not a great game. He doesn't even look good for Sale. He used to look fantastic in the 7s, when he automatically had the space, but that is it. I wanted him to be the next great thing as much as the next guy, but he wasn't. We tried him, he wasn't good enough, and it's time to move on, best to look at others. John Clarke, Dominic Waldouck, or even D. Armitage in the centre.

Posted 14:13 18th November 2010

Max Wardley says...

I'd still find a place for Matthew tait , alot better than hape

Posted 14:13 17th November 2010

John Newcombe says...

Refreshing perfomances during the weekend internationals.Just worth a mention that two of the outstanding displays of these games came from players who developed in Rugby League first.....Sonny Bill & Chris Ashton.

Posted 10:36 17th November 2010

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