No place for Manu?

No place for Manu?

Dewi Morris cannot understand why Martin Johnson has ignored the potential of centre Manu Tuilagi.

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Tim Denny says...

I don't think it's in any way relevant how "English" he is. He is qualified for England under citizenship laws much in the same as Shontayne Hape, Kevin Pieterson etc. We should see it as good thing that sportsmen born in other countries want to come and play for England are willing to turn their backs on their countries of birth. Manu is a potentially great player but he must be dealt with carefully and not chucked in the deep end in the manner of Leslie Viankolo. Being a wrecking ball is not enough any more as defences are so strong, particularly at international level. He should be exposed to the Saxons to develop a wide array of rugby skills.

Posted 08:57 13th January 2011

Ben Brown says...

I would rather include Jon Clarke personally, for 1 he is actually English, and his quick feet and brilliant Rugby mind have been awesome this year for the Saints.

Posted 08:09 13th January 2011

Ash Greening says...

John P: What part of 'made himself available for England ' did you not understand? Idiot.

Posted 08:04 13th January 2011

Jon P says...

He's samoan Dewi, about time england started picking "english" players

Posted 19:15 12th January 2011

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