Mike Phillips must be given another chance against Australia, says Dewi Morris

Mike Phillips must be given another chance against Australia, says Dewi Morris

It was incredibly exciting to watch the Lions beat Australia in the first Test in Brisbane - what a game of rugby!

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Melvin Longhurst says...

Philips is to slow, to predictable and one dimensional. He has a rubbish kicking game and his only asset is his size. Ben Youngs is a superior gifted player he has pace to burn, a devastating runner and a great kicking game and he should start the next test. Phillips is not there on form or merit its down to nepatism .

Posted 17:26 26th June 2013

Lee Wynd says...

John Chapman, Phillips' problems are that he is slow, lazy (check out his 'defence' for the first try) and doesn't posess the basic skills of distribution and box kicking required of a good scrum half. You and Spidey Jones obviously didn't watch the game because Croft was the one back-rower actually grafting at the breakdown and getting involved!

Posted 14:41 26th June 2013

Emmett Gracie says...

I love how this photo shows Adam Jones blatantly trying to illegally impede players without the ball. Nothing personal on him, this practice is rife in the game and I'm a bit mystified as to why it doesn't receive more attention.

Posted 14:37 25th June 2013

Spidey Jones says...

Lydiate showed today how a 6 should play, hitting rucks and mauls, tackling and giving his 9 some protection how much longer do we have to put up with glory boy croft stood out on the wing and not doing any hard work well played the welsh back 3 Saturday they won us that game

Posted 12:59 25th June 2013

John Chapman says...

I think a lot of Phillips problems were down to Croft (and Heaslip to a lesser degree) not providing the job a blindside is supposed to do. The fringes at the breakdown wern't covered leaving Phillips exposed. A 6 may well be able to run out wide playing behind a Leicester front 5 but not at this level. SOB or Lydiate would improve things greatly - Croft for the bench.

Posted 10:09 25th June 2013

Shane D says...

Heaslip has carried the ball more times than any other Lions player on this tour Dewi and for more metres than any other forward (look at the stats!) - if you want to add ball carrying ability bring in Sean O'Brien and Vunipola. Croft is a great line out option and an excellent runner out wide but what the Lions miss is ball carrying forwards who do the hard yards and run through the middle - O'Brien is the best player on tour at this and he should start (or at least have a place as an impact sub) on saturday. Plus he covers all three backrow position - still not sure why Lydiate was on the bench ahead of him last Saturday because as good as he is he does not provide nearly the same potential impact

Posted 21:38 24th June 2013

Peter Crawford says...

While I understand and accept that Faletau is a more dynamic runner than Heaslip, the problem I have with picking him is that he tends to get himself isolated by running away from support far too often. Heaslip does it too but seems to have enough awareness and ability to stay on his feet for that extra second or two to allow back up to arrive. Faletau on the other hand, when isolated, drops to the ground like a stone and subsequently coughs up turnovers or penalties far too frequently.

Posted 18:36 24th June 2013

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