Harmison handed Test recall

Harmison handed Test recall

Steve Harmison has been included in England's 14-man squad for the second Ashes Test as cover for Andrew Flintoff, who has a knee injury.

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Tony Frampton says...

Englands bowling and batting was poor. Broad underperformed. Panesar is a character who cant bat and cant field and at best is a county spinner. We need to put the Aussies under pressure by maintaining line and length and the ability to swing the ball. Harmison is not the answer. Onions has performed well he should come in for Monty. I also hope Pieterson has a serious look at the latest jig he has brought into his game. In regards to the batting line the way we gift wickets to a second rate bowling attack is amazing, if mcgrath and warne had been in cardiff we would have lost within 3 days. If the shot is not on leave it build the pressure on the bowlers not yourself. Cmon England time to get down to business against this second rate Aussie outfit, good bowling will panic them look at what SA did and the Aussie bowling is pathetic compared to past teams.

Posted 02:38 14th July 2009

Pavail Aqeel says...

England need to rethink thier bowling and batting strategy, because with Austrailia not everything you throw at them works, there new fast bowlers, with nathan Hauritz, and addition of simon katichs wrist spin gives them more variety, perhaps what england need to do is bring variety, Cook hasbeen terrible he is clealy not in form, therefore should be dropped, flintoff is off anyway due to his injury, England should bring in Adil Rashid, and Harminson, and Owaise Shah a clear replacement for England, They should take swann out, because Adil Rashid is better bowler with him, and hes a quite good batsmen to, hes done well batting wise for yorkshire. my england 11 will be.. Strauss, owiase shah, bopara, pieterson, collingwood, rashid,harminson,anderson,panesar,onions,matt prior.. batting...will be up to 7..which is good.. and bowlers..... rashid...panesar....harminson..onions...anderson....bopara.... gives them a push.. ...

Posted 00:42 14th July 2009

Phil Hook says...

To win a cricket match, a team has to be capable of taking 20 wickets. England, therefore, need to pick bowlers whom the Aussies don't want to face and that means a 4-strong pace attack of Harmison, Anderson, Flintoff and Broad with the spin of Swann to back them up. Onions and Rashid are knocking on the door but, as yet, they don't strike fear into the Aussies. On a side issue, England perform better on hard surfaces yet groundsmen repeatedly prepare slow, low pitches as in Cardiff. If we really want to challenge in Test series, then we have to start preparing surfaces to suit our team and not just to guarantee 5 days' play.

Posted 22:28 13th July 2009

Gordon Brannan says...

The whole team needs a backbone and a good kick in the pants for that test match performance,no wonder the Aussies think they are easy beats. As usual the selectors stick with the southern counties players those that talk with a plum in there mouths and there flashy ties get some more northern players with back bone and courage. the selectors are and will always be one for the old chums brigade. GET RID OF Cook, Panasar, as usual Flintoff injury again GOD save England, Pieterson must have had a few too many balls hit him in the head, Strauss that southern thing again goes to water easy,Broad, Anderson, tryers but wayward with there bowling, TRY Onions, Harmison, and Rashid.

Posted 22:20 13th July 2009

John p Gudge says...

I suppose the selectors are going to give us some Cook and Bell storey why they didn't make more changes to the squad. What about that young spin bowler in Yorkshire? Everybody is going on about Mr Key in Kent, when are the selectors going to listen to us who, to them, know nothing about cricket? The team had some bad luck, they came up against Australia, who don't need to be presented with our wickets, they will take them. Come back Sir Geoffrey, and show them how it's done.

Posted 18:19 13th July 2009

Ben Goddard says...

can the england selectors finally now see, stop picking names, pick form, im 50/50 about harmisson's overall game, but at the moment he is on fire, broad? not so much maybe he needs a rest, hes played a lot. harmisson should be in the side, and id toss over sidebottom and onions, in place of panessar and broad

Posted 17:27 13th July 2009

Marc Rogerson says...

Harmison should come in for Swann, would love to see Onions play the next test but who do you take out for him? Obvious choice would be Monty but he can take a few wickets if the pitch starts to crumble up.

Posted 16:47 13th July 2009

Michael Jeanes says...

Why is Jonathon Trott never given a mention when it comes to Test selection? He has more or less, single handedly carried the Warwickshire batting for several seasons and must be one of the top five one-day batsmen in the country. On the last Lions tour he was a leading wicket taker and is also a brilliant all round fielder.

Posted 16:37 13th July 2009

Ashley Routh says...

Freddie is looking unlikely to make the lords test so I would bring in Ian bell at number 3 to strengthen up the top order and also replace Panesar with Harmison and stick some real pace and bounce up the aussies and he will also be raring to go and prove a point to the selectors, Swann would stay in as for me he has a bit more consistency than Monty in overall wicket taking.

Posted 16:30 13th July 2009

Alan Williams says...

I was at the Swalec stadium for the 5 days and thought all in all we were out played in every department. Fare play to the ausies they played some good stuff.. I am still confident this Ashes is going down to the last, and could go either way. We need some changes for lords: I think Harmy should come in for injured Freddy and Bell should come in for Broad. I really don't see what Broad brings to the team apart from his looks, his bowling just aint good enough for this level & his batting average doesn't show the best by any means. I also think we should bring in Sidebottom for Monty and play with 1 spinner. Montys a good guy but he don't cut it and he's not consistent enough at this level. We need strength in depth all over the park and these changes will give us a good solid base to really give the ausies a game.

Posted 16:17 13th July 2009

Tim Jackson says...

England's greatest problem in test cricket over the last 2 years has been our inability to take 20 wickets in a game. 435 in the first innings was pretty much par for the course and if our bowlers performed to any decent standard then our 1st innings score would have looked decent. Harmison is a must for the Lords test instead of Panesar because Harmison and Flintoff are the only 2 bowlers that Australia fear in any way. I would not be suprised to see Onions come in for Broad either, Broad had a poor test with the ball and while gets runs down the order its not really why he is in the side, Onions is probably in better form with the ball, i think that would be a toss up. They will probaby keep Broad because the ECB like to be consistent with selection nowadays. For Australia i think Hauritz has done enough to keep his place, i thought his only game would be at Cardiff but he took important wickets so he deserves another go.

Posted 16:08 13th July 2009

Alan Ward says...

Flintoff - a knee injury, now there's a surprise!

Posted 16:03 13th July 2009

Alex Olliver says...

Preparation and the resulting lack of perspective was the biggest issue. There was not much we could do about the sorry state of the West Indies team we played for 6 tests, but the selectors let performances against a team that would struggle against Bangladesh to cloud better judgement. Ravi Bopara's 3 centuries against the Windies does not make him a test number 3. Similarly, Swann is not a lethal test spinner just because he mopped up a few West Indies wickets. And while Onions has started the season well and did well on debut, his test wickets are of questionable value. Flintoff is a disgrace - he is meant to be a professional athlete but behaves and prepares like a village green player. He needs to put down the fork and glass, turn up for training and start acting like a professional sportsman. Can you imagine a Premiership footballer showing up to play a stone overweight? KP needs a slap and told to bat at 3. Strauss is a top chap and a quality batsman, but a 3rd rate skipper. Can't he do what the South Africans used to do and get a radio link to the dressing room for some help? England can win against the Aussies, but we are still too far off having the preparation side of things, that we are making it so much more difficult than it should be.

Posted 15:51 13th July 2009

Steve Phillips says...

I agree with the comments of Joe Lee,, Panesar will be surplus to requirements and Broad, although he has done well with the bat, he has not shown much with the ball..... Bringing in Onions would give England a freshness to the attack and Harmy, well, in his current form I think he will cause a lot of problems to the Aussies.

Posted 15:40 13th July 2009

Nick Oakley says...

For christ's sake give onions a go!!!!

Posted 15:28 13th July 2009

Gabriel Emordi says...

After watching the test match, there is no chance of the Ashes returning to us. It is that simple. We have been far too arrogant and incredibly complacent before this serious. Even the 'experts' have been predicting England to win. They panned the Aussie spinner, Hauritz, yet he looked a class above our spinners in this match. With the batting they had to come, the Aussies could have made 800 on that wicket. Collingwood has always been a fighter, how anyone ever considered dropping him was beyond me. But we need 5 of him and we only have one. Cook simply cannot get too many chances, Bopara is borderline whether he is good enough, bringing back Bell would be a joke and Flintoff is always injured when he is not drunk. None of the bowlers look good enough to take the wicket, unless conditions strongly favour them, so I just don't see us sneaking more wins than they do.

Posted 15:21 13th July 2009

Steve Onions says...

Panesar should never be in the team. fair enough a back up bowler for swann but he looked no threat what so ever to the aussies.

Posted 14:46 13th July 2009

Ryan James says...

First lets congratulate Paul Collingwood and the lower order that stuck around at the end, although the bowling wasn't great they certianly did there bit with the bat. Some of the top order should take note and show a bit of concentration and sticking power lick Collingwood and the tail. After only taking 6 wickets something had to give and I can't imagine too many pitches will require 2 spinners. I think we might bring in another batsmen to replace Flintoff and I can see either Monty or Swann being sacrificed for Harmisson.

Posted 14:43 13th July 2009

Subramani Parameshwaran says...

I am baffled at the exclusion of Owais Shah in the 14.They need someone with flair if Freddie is going to miss out. They are probably inclined to play Ian Bell, whic is also a good idea considering that Shah is not around. I think Strauss should revisit his strategy on field placements by taking a leaf from Dhoni's book. At Lords, England should play only one spinner. I wonder if Onions can make it in the final XI. He will make a difference just as Harmisson might just do.My lineup if Flintoff does not play is Cook,Strauss, Bell Pietersen,Collingwood,Bopara,Prior,Broad,Harmison Panesar and Anderson and Onions.A final decision on the bowling lineup could be made on the morning of the match on the basis of the type of wicket that is going to be provided at Lords on Thursday.

Posted 14:38 13th July 2009

Robert Booth says...

Its a shame about Flintoff - his batting in bothinnings showed a maturity missing of late, and his presence adds balance to the side. Having seen harmison in the Lions match I am pleased to see him in the squad and would like to see him play - maybe we should just pick him for home tests?? Pontings reputation as a winger has been enharnced by his comments regarding time wasting - some time could have been saved if he hadn't questioned umpiring decissions every other over!

Posted 14:27 13th July 2009

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