Flower wants schedule input

Flower wants schedule input

Andy Flower believes his coaching staff should be more heavily involved in the consulting process for the scheduling of tours.

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Phil Ashen says...

Whilst there does seem to be a lot of one dayers in the current series I think you have to look a bit deeper into the tour. In total there has been a maximum of 5 tests = 25 days, two 20/20's = 2 days and 7 one dayers = 7 days. Thats a total of 34 days international cricket in approximately 93 days. I think questions should be asked how the other 59 days have been spent. It sounds like for a large proportion they have been run into the ground by "intensive training" regimes! Surely there must be a balance between recovery, travelling, relaxation, tour matches and training that does not result in the amount of injuries they have suffered. With a management team that are obsessed with plans and planning they should have planned this time better. For all England's good test results they are in danger of being mentally, physically and tactically paralysed. Everyone has known the World Cup starts in February and goes on far too long, so why did England's planning not take account of it as part of the "tour." Sure, look at future tour schedules but also look inwards and consider how much damage has been done by bad planning of this winter.

Posted 14:50 5th February 2011

Jon King says...

Nobody with any idea of cricket would have jeopardised the chance of winning the world cup with the current itinerary. The schedule has been purely about money and not for the benefit of English cricket. The Ashes victory was magnificent but has now been diminished by this latest excess of ODI's. Cricketers need some R & R at home to re-energise their enthusiasm. ECB & other cricket boards need to realise this.

Posted 10:33 4th February 2011

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