England foil perfect ten

England foil perfect ten

England were made to sweat before overcoming a Ryan ten Doeschate-inspired Netherlands side by six wickets in Nagpur.

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Nick Rothery says...

Wow! What a fickle bunch you cricket fans are! I am not an avid cricket supporter but I do like watching the Test matches and the World Cup. Not so long ago everyone was praising England for beating the Aussies in their own back yard and now, even though they beat the Dutch, these people are all over the England team like a rash! Like any sport, fellas, there will be ups and downs, and your role as a supporter is to ensure you get behind your team no matter what. If I were an England player reading some of the comments on this page from so-called supporters, I would definitely be feeling somewhat demoralised! The British press already do a good job of undermining our national teams, don't add to that with your narrow-minded vitriole!

Posted 14:09 23rd February 2011

Etienne Groenewald says...

Top three scorers of the match? All South Africans, and we weren't even playing! Ha ha!

Posted 10:32 23rd February 2011

Andrew Byrne says...

And people wonder why us English have an insular way of looking at the world...the English bashing is getting a little boring frankly. We taught the Aussies a proper lesson in their own back yard during the Ashes - not many teams do that. It's amazing how quickly the critics forget...bring on India for what should be a very close encounter.

Posted 09:58 23rd February 2011

Robert Symes says...

I guess George Staples is an Aussie then? It was a poor performance but a win. In a football analogy, we scraped through a difficult away tie in the FA cup against a lower team who were up for it and we were off the pace. The best way to start tournaments is slowly and build momentum gradually - and our recent one-day record is actually ok if you take the series against Australia out. Bring on India - let's silence them!

Posted 19:36 22nd February 2011

Mark Punter says...

England won by 6 wkts !! What more do you want ? Ok yes i may not off being a convincing performance in the field but Strauss 88 off (83) Trott 62 off (65) Bopara 30 off (20) , tbh its the bowlers to blame for bowling too wide, Anderson 0-72 for one !! Still think even after today we will get better as the tournement goes on .. Think the fielding today was a one-off IMO ... Get behind your Country - Come On England

Posted 18:55 22nd February 2011

Dirk Stocker says...

Cor Blomey Mother O'Reilly. The Boers (Dutchman Chicken Farmers like Eddo Brandes...remember Big ED?) almost put England to the sword...bottled it in the end. Now if Bulgaria were an associate nation I think we would fear them. Think of the Thracian Auxillaries marching on Britannia? Cryptic I know but hey, my fellow cricket followers have a brain cell to spare compared to you sad soccer fans!

Posted 17:57 22nd February 2011

Washington Chirambaguwa says...

England will grow with the tournament. Remember they are just out of the Ashes and a punishing one-day series in which they never had their best line-up. Write them off at your own peril. This is the best England team in a long time, talent-wise, mentally and in depth.

Posted 17:51 22nd February 2011

George Staples says...

England's over hyped players almost lost to CANADA, they were then almost humbled by the NETHERLANDS. Do these results and performances inspire any supporters? I think not. Bob Willis said that the Dutch had two-and-a-half bowlers and two batsmen. So what happened to England? Well the prima donnas did not turn up. Anderson was woeful, Prior's glovework continues to deteriorate and Strauss' captaincy was inspid. BUT they will all play next time - part of the favoured few method of selection. What message does this give to those who are waiting and deserve a place in the team? England will struggle to reach the last four, and have NO chance of getting near to the best teams; South Africa, India, Sri Lanka and Australia are streets ahead. Flower and Strauss need a wake up call and to be realistic.

Posted 17:30 22nd February 2011

Abhijeet Karnik says...

England were very poor in the field. They just send a very poor message across that when the pressure is on, there are signs of panic. Ryan ten Doeschate was superb throughout. Going into the crucial game on Sunday both England & India have a few headaches in the bowling department. Bangladesh scored 250 plus against India & now the Dutch posted 292. You just cant allow the minnows to score that many runs. But, a win is a win. Looking forward to the big match in Bangalore!

Posted 17:28 22nd February 2011

Lloyd Mcdonald says...

Very unconvincing performance by England, but at least we managed to get the job done this time. We will need to improve drastically against the big guns to have any chance!

Posted 17:26 22nd February 2011

Staar Malak says...

after a couple of good results with the warm up matches england put in a poor performance against the netherlands perhaps maybe be down to over confidenc and complacency but nevertherless a close call Ultimately the one day format is the weal link in englands overall game final verdict they need to stop over congratulating each other on warm up games an concentrate on the games that matter if they make it to the quarters it will be a good result!!!!!

Posted 17:03 22nd February 2011

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