Premier predictions

Premier predictions

Soccer Saturday's Matt Le Tissier gives his predictions for the new season - and says City will do it again.

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Macmoj Ib says...

1.Arsenal 2.Man Utd City 4.Chelsea 5.Liverpool 6.Spurs

Posted 08:24 14th August 2012

Tony Turnstill says...

1. Chelsea 2. Man Utd 3. Man City 4. Liverpool Simples.

Posted 08:14 14th August 2012

Marcello Lumbredini says...

West Ham, Fulham and Aston Villa will be relegated. No doubt. Three teams not comfortable struggling for survival. Wigan, Reading etc are all very familiar with the feeling and will adapt to fighting and slugg their way through. Champs? Man City of course. A tight race for 2nd between Arsenal (RvP is not that important), Liverpool (Lucas Leiva is back - the MVP award will be his this season), Man Utd (time for Fergie to retire), but favourites for 2nd must be the counter attacking Chelsea (Torres is filled with goals and they've got the best back four in the league). Behind the big guns we've got a talanted but unconsistent Newcastle and, whom I believe to be, this seasons huge dissapointment; Spurs (an awesome midfield is not enough). Furthermore Cardiff, Leicester and Wednesday will be promoted.

Posted 08:09 14th August 2012

Andrew Barker says...

1st) Arsenal, 2nd) United, 3rd) City 4th) Chelsea. Relegated - Norwich, Swansea, Wigan. I'm a Man United supporter but feel that we will finish 2nd unless we sign at least one quality player before the deadline. I think Arsenal will suprise a few people this year. City got away with it last year in my opinion, but they won't do it again. I fancy them to have a good run in Europe though.

Posted 08:09 14th August 2012

Dan T says...

Unless Spurs buy some players they are looking weaker than last year and I think will strugle to make Top 6.

Posted 08:00 14th August 2012

Nick Ford says...

I love reading how everyone thinks Arsenal will struggle this season. We have had 'by far' the best transfer window with arguably the signing of the season in Cazorla. with or without RVP this team is now more dinamic and will create so mant chances. Possesion is the Key!!!!

Posted 07:08 14th August 2012

Charles Whitworth says...

1. Arsenal. 2. Man city 3. Man u. 4. Chelsea. 5. Everton. 6. Spuds. 7. Livapul. 18. Norwich. 19. Wigan. 20. Westham.

Posted 07:03 14th August 2012

Steve Smith says...

AS a n'cle fan i have to be pleased we didnt lose any of our top players, and with Taylor back in defence, i would think a top 5 place is achievable once again. City will win again this time by 10 pts at least, and S;land, reading, and southampton will go down.. 1 City 2 man u 3 chelsea 4 arsenal 5 n'cle bottom 3 s'land saints reading

Posted 07:00 14th August 2012

Muhd Salisu says...

Arsenal 1,city 2, man u 3, while tot 4 4get dat of relgated wic are li verpool,westbrom n wigan

Posted 06:28 14th August 2012

David Paterson says...

A lot of teams will know more about Man City this season and will give them more of a go. Utd are still 1 world class player short. Chelsea have good signings but it will be same old Terry and Lampard being picked everyweek. If Arsenal avoid injuries and start defending then they will win the league. 1. Arsenal 2. Man Utd 3. Man City 4. Chelsea. Surprise package - Aston Villa. Relegated - West Brom, Wigan and Southampton.

Posted 06:12 14th August 2012

Danny Rox says...

1. Man City 2. Chelsea 3. Liverpool 4. Man Utd 5. Arsenal 6. Newcastle

Posted 05:57 14th August 2012

Alex A says...

1. Man City 2. Man U 3. Arsenal 4. Liverpool 5. Chelsea 6. Spurs 7. Newcastle I think it will take time for Chelsea's new signings to gel and get used to the Prem. I think it will take the Spurs players time time to get used to AVB's tactics. I think Arsenal will do well and even better if they keep RVP, possibly taking second spot. Man City will prove to strong for everyone. Liverpool will do better under Rodgers and I expect them to claim 4th spot, they were a lot better performance wise then 8th last season so I expect them to be up there. Relegated: Wigan, Reading, Norwich Top Goalscorer: Aguero Stand out players: Kagawa, Cazorla, Gerrard, Silva, Bale

Posted 04:03 14th August 2012

Jon Blue says...

City have bought their one title so no, its over

Posted 03:55 14th August 2012

Norman Bates says...

City had their heyday at the end of last season in injury time but this is the season where they will surrender their crown. Top 4 - Man united, Man city, Spurs, Arsenal

Posted 02:03 14th August 2012

Jack Raymond says...

Some fans still say they don't see Liverpool as a big club anymore. But look, they are going all the way to the 7th spot of the table to include Liverpool there. If you dont consider Liverpool to be a top club and not a "threat" anymore, why do you go that far?

Posted 01:57 14th August 2012

Toseef Akhtar says...

I think 1. man u 2.Arsenal 3.spurs 4. Liverpool bottom 3 qpr Wigan west brom top scorer pappiss cisse

Posted 01:21 14th August 2012

Lee Ives says...

Le Tiss is a legend with that out of the way I have to say I mainly agree with him although I can see Man Utd winning it this year hopefully Saint's do well :D

Posted 23:47 13th August 2012

Troy Schiller says...

I think chelsea will win the title this year but not by much, i can see them being clinical against the top teams even if that didnt show in the community shield. i think united will finish a couple points behind as will city and arsenal will take the 4th spot. the teams relegated will be, Reading, southampton and norwich, i dont think any of them have a good enough squad to get results if injuries hit them.

Posted 23:41 13th August 2012

Barry Pressland says...

I think Le Tissier has got it wrong and whoever believes that van Persie is the only factor in us challenging for silverware or not clearly has obtuse views on football. Alex Song was pivotal for us last season and provided 14 assists last season. At least half of those were for van Persie's left boot. Same for Walcott he made at least 7-10 assists for van Persie so you have on average 20 there for van Persie which plainly indicates that he was the only real candidate to finish. But you only have to look at the signings we have made up front to see that our goal talley can still be emulated or bettered this season - Podolski is a natural goalscoring predator and is very versatile with good teamwork. Giroud holds the ball up well and was one of two reasons Montpellier lifted the Ligue 1 trophy for the first time since they were founded, last season. He was also top scorer. Cazorla was also brought in to be our playmaker alongside Arteta and Wilshere and he is already integrating well in the team with a great performance vs Cologne. Chamberlain and Walcott also looked formidable in that game and looked incredibly dangerous in the middle and on the wings - they also showed great interplay. At the back nothing has changed personnel wise but with Bould he certainly has done something positive with the team as a hole. Koscielny is only going to improve on last season so believe me we will finish 3rd at the very least.

Posted 23:28 13th August 2012

John Day says...

why every season Everton finish top 8 but never get mentioned for top four they are good enough finished above Liverpool last season and i would say Everton and Newcastle have better teams Liverpool are always looked at like a top four team they not anymore they are a poor top ten team

Posted 22:38 13th August 2012

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