Premier predictions

Premier predictions

Soccer Saturday's Matt Le Tissier gives his predictions for the new season - and says City will do it again.

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Steve Flatman says...

Hard season to call this year. I think city will be champions but chelsea are gonna be strong i reckon they will take 2nd. for me relegation will be sunderland, southampton and wigan. 1 city. 2 chelsea. 3 man u, 4 arsenal 18. sunderland, 19, wigan, 20, southampton

Posted 17:23 13th August 2012

Mark Bergqvist says...

1st Liverpool. Don't care about the rest.

Posted 17:18 13th August 2012

Danny Murphy says...

Don't forget to watch out for an exciting QPR team this season. And for those who are saying other teams were most active, consider 7 signings during the window and all decent, some class. Murf

Posted 17:15 13th August 2012

M J says...

It'll be City, Arsenal, United, Chelsea, Spurs, and Liverpool for top 6. Arsenal need a couple more but can compete and beat United if they keep RVP (right now, it's an option at least until January). If United take RVP, then they'll likely get second again. Chelsea are rebuilding but are still 3 or 4 players short of competing for the title - don't know why anyone thinks they'll compete and make up 25 points with what they have now.

Posted 17:08 13th August 2012

S S says...

arsenal, man c manu chelsea podlski top scorer gunners every title this year

Posted 17:05 13th August 2012

Adam Martin says...

1. Man City Premier League Winners 2. Man City,Man United,Chelsea,Arsenal 3. West Brom,QPR,Stoke 4. Everton 5. Aguero or Rooney 6. Nikicia Jelavic

Posted 17:00 13th August 2012

Mike Jones says...

1. Man City 2. Chelsea 3. Man Utd 4. Liverpool 5. Arsenal 6. Spurs 7. Everton 8. Newcastle 17. West Ham 18. Wigan 19. Norwich 20. Southampton on current squads. think Arsenal will improve next season as good signings bed in and the uncertainty of RVP is finally put behind them. Newcastle and Norwich will find things more difficult second time around and not sure AVB is the man for Spurs. Still to see what happens before the window closes though

Posted 16:58 13th August 2012

Tony Gilbert says...

Kevin Hilton - Are you a loyal Man.utd fan? So you predict fourth with our "current squad" when we missed out on goal difference last year? We will win back our title this year. My prediction 1. Man.utd 2. Chelsea 3. City 4. Arsenal 5. Liverpool Stoke, Southampton and West Brom will go down. Suprise package will be Reading. Top Scorer - Aguero Player to watch - Kagawa (Has looked immense in pre season and will be very important to utd this season)

Posted 16:58 13th August 2012

Carlito Skinner says...

1. Man City, 2nd Chelsea, 3rd Man u, 4th Spurs, 5th, Arsenal

Posted 16:49 13th August 2012

James Campion says...

1. Manchester United 2. Manchester City 3. Arsenal 4. Liverpool 18. West Ham 19. Aston Villa 20. Swansea Suprise Package = Reading Top Scorer = RVP Player to Watch = Jay Rodriguez / Jack Cork

Posted 16:47 13th August 2012

Tom M says...

So close between top 4, could be either of Arsenal, City, United or Chelsea. Ditto for 5th between Liverpool, Spurs or Newcastle. Relegation I think Reading, Wigan & Soton with Norwich & Sunderland just escaping. Top goalscorer Tevez

Posted 16:46 13th August 2012

Bafana Bafanatree says...

I believe people are over estimating chelsea's ability to finish in the top four. As a spurs fan I think AVB will insert a consistency into spurs. Predictions as follows: 1st. Man city 2nd. Man u 3rd. Arsenal 4th. Spurs

Posted 16:44 13th August 2012

William Dunlop says...

1.united 3.arsenal 4.chelsea choosing teams to get relegated is alot more difficult,i think west ham and southhampton i'll stay up but reading will find it tough. It will be between villa,reading,norwich,QPR to get sent down.could be compelelty wrong though just my opinion

Posted 16:23 13th August 2012

Matty Smith says...

for me it will be city, united, chelsea, arsenal

Posted 16:22 13th August 2012

Leigh Dorey says...

1st Chelsea, 2nd Man City 3rd Man u 4th Liverpool.Top scorer Borini Reading wigan and southampton to go down

Posted 16:16 13th August 2012

Phillip Rewani says...

1.Arsenal will win the title. 2. Top four ARSENAL,MAN U,CHELSEA,MAN CITY. Top goal scorer LUKAS POLDOSKI.

Posted 15:39 13th August 2012

Pete Little says...

Its Man Utd for me , City, Arsenal and Chelsea. Relegation, will be Wigan Reading and Sunderland.. As a Sunderland fan it pains me to say that but we went into reverse for the last 15 games and no signings make me think that trend will continue. We have a strike force that most league 1 teams would be proud of. All our defenders spend most of the season on the treatment table so i fear the worst. Top scorer next season will be Rooney. Southampton to be a suprise package.

Posted 15:36 13th August 2012

Martin Thom says...

Got to respect Le Tiss the man is honest and level headed, not sure about Man City as champs though. Everybody seems to think Arsenal will be lost if RVP goes not so sure can see us pushing till then end with or without him.

Posted 15:33 13th August 2012

Charlie Mc says...

i dont think Chelsea wll be as strong as people think they will be this season. Top 4 : Manchester Utd Mancheester City Arsenal Chelsea

Posted 14:47 13th August 2012

Richard Edwards says...

Chelsea wil win the titte this year

Posted 14:31 13th August 2012

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