Premier predictions

Premier predictions

Soccer Saturday's Matt Le Tissier gives his predictions for the new season - and says City will do it again.

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Benjamin Sorvel says...

This is my Premier League prediction. 1. Man U 2. Man C 3. Arsenal 4. Chelsea 5. Spurs 6.Liverpool Wigan, Reading and West Brom relagated.

Posted 14:26 13th August 2012

Callum Burgess says...

Champions - Man Utd 2nd - Man City 3rd - Aresnal 4th - Everton ( Providing they start well which I think they will) Relegated 3 - West Ham, Wigan, Southampton

Posted 13:29 13th August 2012

Lee Yates says...

Why Wigan? Last seasons run of results against the bigger teams wasn't luck , they found a system that suits the way they play and a setted team which gained confidence. The team this season will still be the same set of players with the same work ethic, no first eleven players have yet left the club so I think Matt is being harsh.

Posted 12:34 13th August 2012

Chris Mcdonnell says...

Its ridiculous to say Arsenal are just going to get 4th spot! Arsenal have by far been the most active this transfer window. The squad is now huge and has so much strength in depth, perfect for the premier league. After watching the new signings this pre season they all look a serious threat. The team looks more disciplined in their shape now Steve Bould is the new Assistant Manager. (Even if Van Persie leaves) Just you wait and see for yourselves, but I can only see Arsenal challenging City for that top spot

Posted 12:10 13th August 2012

Steven Finch says...

Matt, you are entitled to your opinion but to what brings you to the assumption that West Brom will get relegated. The facts are that West Brom have finished well above the struggling teams in the previous 2 seasons. We have signed good quality players in the close season that will only strengthen our team, and we have appointed 1 of the best 1st team coaches within the Premier league.

Posted 11:57 13th August 2012

Kevin Alman says...

Predicting Man City, Man Utd and chelsea to finish in the first three is hardly difficult. Will be like that every year unless other clubs magic up huge sums of cash from somewhere.

Posted 11:38 13th August 2012

Bob Anderson says...

I find it a little strange that Le Tiss thinks West Brom will struggle more than Southampton, Swansea, Reading, West Ham, Stoke, QPR and Villa. Albion have strengthened more than all of these clubs and finished ahead of the ones that were already in the Prem last year. Sure Steve Clarke has never been a number 1 but he has 10 years worth of Premier League experience compared to 0 years for Adkins, Mcdermott and Laudrup.

Posted 11:36 13th August 2012

Sean Finlay says...

1.Man City 2.Chelsea 3.Man.United 4.Tottenham 5.Arsenal 6.Newcastle 7.Liverpool 8.Everton 17.Norwich 18.West Ham 19.Reading 20.Southampton

Posted 10:46 13th August 2012

Kevin Hilton says...

Manu Fan. Chelsea Man City Arsenal Manu (with current squad)

Posted 10:33 13th August 2012

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