Cipriani - Long road back

Cipriani - Long road back

Danny Cipriani admits he may not be able to break back into the England squad for another two years after moving to Australia.

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Darryl Croud says...

i would have loved to have seen a dynamic cipriani running the show for England in the autumn internationals. Sadly this will never happen if he does not start putting the hard work in. Cipriani is lazy and expects everything to be handed to him on a plate.

Posted 07:08 23rd October 2010

Philip Boulton says...

Replace M.J. why ,he is doing the job his way as he played his rugby by leadership on the pitch he hasn,t found that type of leader yet although Moody is looking good for that job as for Cipriani never rated him not quick thinking and no tactical game perhaps he might just learn something down under and toughen up a lot. He needs to as their are some quality youngsters coming through, but they will have to show skill and bottle to get noticed and attacking rugby.

Posted 01:14 17th October 2010

Johnny Oscar says...

Whatever the results of the Autumn Internationals and the 6N are, Johnson can never be forgiven for missing the opportunity to pair up Cipriani and Wilkinson in the same team, instead relying on the likes of Toby Flood and Andy Goode, now lets see which club did the latter represent?

Posted 15:25 14th October 2010

Ross Perratt says...

MJ is starting to turn things around.... everyone is quick to criticise him but no where near fast enough to praise him, beating Austrailia in Austrailia hasnt been done by us since 2003! surely he deserves some credit for that! After all you cant make a team overnight it takes a long time and yes we havent had the best results during his reign so far but the team is coming together and hopefully some results will go our way now. The Autumn internationals will be a good test to see where we are.

Posted 10:29 12th October 2010

John . says...

We enough talent to cope without him!

Posted 13:29 11th October 2010

Mark Foulter says...

Well it''''s good to hear that Cipriani is looking forward to a welcome return, playing for England, all we have to do now is wait for someone to replace Johnson and we should be in a position to start challenging for the top spot again. Woodward, if you''''re not too busy fluffing around with the olympic lot, maybe you could make your way back to rugby mate... we''''ve missed you.

Posted 09:31 11th October 2010

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