The final eight

The final eight

Stevo looks at the eight clubs still in the running to be crowned Super League champions of 2010.

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Dave Mckeegan says...

Wondering if anyone knows if and when RFL will actually sit down with referees like Bentham and Silverwood and about their refing abilities. Both of them seem incapable of applying the same rules to both teams. Watching Saints vs Warriors and so far in the first half alone: He gave Warriors a penalty when one of the Warriors elbowed Graham in the face? 3 times Warrington did high tackles, 1 of which was questionably a sin bin, yet Bentham only awarded a knock on?? He done Chris Flannery for knocking the ball out a players hands when his hands clearly dont even touch the ball??? He failed to notice the knock on when Saints kicked on the 5th and hit a warrington player and landed 4 foot infront of him???? And how many of Saints infringments has he failed to notice? NONE! Both this game and Saints vs Wigan with Richard Silverwood reffing, saw that the commentators were spotting obvious offenses that the refs were missing...... SAUGHT IT OUT!

Posted 21:00 25th February 2011

Paul Moores says...

jamie u must be on sum good drugs cause the bulls have much chance of winning the final next year as the titanic setting sail no chance keep dreaming there only 1 team in west yorkshire and that the rhinos up the rhinos

Posted 23:19 13th September 2010

Michael Mchale says...

Well Done to Leeds It was a great match. I think Mr McClennan should now issue an appology over his comments at the end of the match. Mark Riddel was the player standing over Danny Mc and he did nothing to add to the situation, not Sam Tomkins. If DM had not tackled Geo Carment off the ball he would be playing in the semi''s. Don''t like to see players hurt but sorry no sympathy for him.

Posted 18:07 13th September 2010

Malcolm Lucas says...

Here we are again at the play offs with some great Rugby league. The quality has been great from the players but the quality of Refereeing has been very poor and the match between Wigan and Leeds !!! what can you say Thiery Alibert should not have been the Official for this game he is not good enough he even kept asking the Video ref what to do in the end the last decision was incorrect by them both. In the match between Hull and KR if Cockayne had made the head tackle that Manu made Mr Bentham would have slit his pocket open to give Ben the red card it is not what you do but who you are??? Some great matches to come lets have some quality refereeing for these great games Come on refs matche the players for QUALITY and Consistancy Remember this is the greatest game in sport

Posted 16:32 13th September 2010

Brad Murphy says...

Jamie, oh dear not quite on the ball there. Please write all you know on the back of a stamp and mail it to the RL Head Office...don''t forget to include your full name, DOB and address too! Ha ha - Rhinos Saints final again anyone?

Posted 13:48 13th September 2010

Chris Hall says...

I''ve been saying this all season and now I finally have proof. You can never ever write off Leeds. This is what they do. Look, everybody knows at the start of the season that there''s a playoff series. There''s no doubt that Wigan have been the most consistent team but, love it or hate it, the Super League Title doesn''t go to the most consistent team, it goes to the team who knows how the system works, and plays that system the best. Leeds, in recent years, are masters at this and even if Richards had hit the penalty, Leeds would''ve only lost by 1 (which given they were written off completely would''ve still shown their intentions and been a pretty good result away from home). In just 80 minutes of Rugby the fact that they finished 4th is now completely irrelevant as they''ve got a home Semi-Final. Yet again, they''ve shown they have it where it counts. There''s a saying.... "Form is temporary, class is permanent" and despite Leeds not been in the best "Form" this year, Sinfield, McGuire, Burrow, Buderus & Webb once again showed that they are "Class". My best guess... Leeds/Saints final (and we all know how that ends!!)

Posted 12:34 13th September 2010

Matt Summersgill says...

Looks like you''ve lost your fiver Jamie. LOL I wouldnt put any money on the bulls grand final bet either mate. Come on you Rhinos 4 in a row!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 08:50 13th September 2010

John Sutcliffe says...

To jamie hanslip... warrington ha ha dont make me laugh.... come on the saints..The other 3 that you said are right i think so

Posted 14:59 11th September 2010

Lee Middleton says...

Your having a laugh Jamie!!!Hudders a dead cert in my book...wigan also but warrington lost against saints and rovers will against hull fc. bradford wont win anything next season as the squad will still be rebuilding and getting to know one and other but come 2012 bradford will be a force again

Posted 12:51 11th September 2010

Tommy Mirehouse says...

Watched the Saints blow Warrington away,fine display from the best team in superleague.

Posted 08:00 11th September 2010

Martin Aspey says...

There are 2 ways the playoffs will go. 1. Wigan beat Leeds and make Saints play the Wire. 2. Leeds beat Wigan and Saints pick Wigan in order to avenge losing the last derby at Knowsley road. Either way, I''d love a local side to shut Knowsley Road down and send the saints fans home crying!

Posted 07:45 11th September 2010

Steve Hamman says...

Warrington to beat Wigan in the grand final.!

Posted 19:21 10th September 2010

Darren Slater says...

Leeds all the way ! Big game players who''ll want to prove that the dreadful showing in the challenge cup final was just a blip ! Hopefully it will be a Leeds - Warrington final so we can take revenge and show them who really is the best team in the country. COME ON LEEDS !

Posted 19:09 10th September 2010

Jamie Hanslip says...

Warrington, Huddersfield, Hull KR, Wigan all to win. Get a fiver on it.... Bradford bulls to win the Grand Final next season

Posted 14:08 10th September 2010

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