Seeing Gareth Hock play for Widnes would be treat for fans, says Stevo

Seeing Gareth Hock play for Widnes would be treat for fans, says Stevo

When Gareth Hock joined Widnes on loan, Wigan chairman Ian Lenagan came straight out and said that he could not play when the two sides met.

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Phil Atio says...

Hock is an animal. He's a thug on the field and off it. Wigan did well to offload him and Widnes were clearly desperate for a name to sign up. Widnes can be great again but with a neandethal like Hock, he'll be banned for more games than he'll play. A waste of a wage if you ask me.

Posted 07:57 23rd March 2013

Wayne Tickle says...

I don't know why there is such a fuss over the Gareth Hoch issue, I am a Saints fan but favour Wigan in this. When he left Wigan it was obviously written into his loan deal that he did NOT play against his parent club why would Wigan at this stage change there minds, Hoch is and Wigan know him best is a loose cannon god knows what he would get up to. If he got sent off for violent conduct would all those in the game in favour of him playing make such a fuss then, I don't think so.

Posted 16:14 22nd March 2013

Adam Lancaster says...

Has no one actually thought this might be a punishment for Gareth hock? The statement by the club on his leaving was damming. Why should the club that have stood buy him after all.his indiscretions, and who he apparently has let down in a huge way, let him have the opportunity to get one over on him? He should be thanking the club by not allowing him to play he might actually be able to play this side or august rather then loosing it and gettin banned

Posted 15:17 22nd March 2013

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