Crowd controlled?

Crowd controlled?

Do noisy fans sway the referee? The stats suggest so, especially for Harlequins, says Phil Clarke.

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David Lea says...

I believe it to be absolutley correct that refs are making decisions based on fans shouting. It is no suprise at all that Saints were awarded the most penalties, surely anybody who who has watched a game at Saints or even on the telly can here the saints fans shouting, moaning and crying at every play. While this is annoying, it works so who can blame them.

Posted 17:23 30th August 2009

Phil Ford says...

Phil the crowd swaying the officials is nothing new. When I used to support Liverpool City as a lad there was a bunch of us from the Huyton area who always stood behind the posts, when our goal kicker atempted a conversion we always jumped up with a big yes! and cheers when the ball came near to the posts even if it was just out, on a number of times the touch judges put up there flags in agreement with us. It is great to see sutch large crowds at the games today. The more there the better they can help the ref.

Posted 14:47 27th March 2009

Phil The dude says...

I think that your spot on Phil with your thoughts on the crowd swaying referees. Anyone who thinks any different is probably a referee or someone who has never watched our great game. If us spectators didn't think we could sway the referee we wouldn't be screaming at every suspect decision, there would still be singing etc. But as you said a player lying on at the ruck is probably the main culprit especially against the faster more attacking sides- but as you said were only human!

Posted 21:41 26th March 2009

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