Law enforcers

Law enforcers

Phil Clarke reckons the rugby league authorities have got their methods for disciplining players spot on.

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Neil Evans says...

Hi Phil, Which NRL imports are impressing you so far in the Stobart SL? Do you think the era of the big name OZ/NZ signings are over; possibly due to the improved salary cap in the NRL? Although it may be seen as a backward step with regards to bringing our own youngsters through, I personally think our game has benefitted from some great imports. As Sam Tomkins showed us last week in his programme with Paul Cullen, the affect Andrew Johns had on Warrington Wolves was evident during his brief spell. Is there anyone in the NRL who you would like to see play in the SL next year to provide our game with an X Factor? Cheers!

Posted 14:58 19th April 2012

Mark Mcdonagh says...

I would like to see an Australian team tour again. Playing the top four, the end of season dream team and England - will we ever see a national side tour the club teams again?

Posted 14:28 19th April 2012

David Lea says...

Hi Phil, thanks for your reply to my last email. I still believe Sam has room for massive improvement. Yea he scored 6 tries and dont get me wrong although it is a great achievement for him i will be more impressed if he scored that many against Saints or Warrington. His attack is amazing there is no doubt about that but i mean his positional play and game awareness needs to improve. Ok Hampson dropped a ball once but it still went backwards. There have been times when Sam has been nowhere near the high ball and been caught out several times. Yes people went round Rads but you still cannot compare the 2 for defense Rads wins all the time. I hope you dont think im knocking Tomkins? He is a fabulous player i just dont want him to stop developing because everyone thinks he is the best thing going. I believe thats why we are so far behind the Aussies, because we thought we are as good as we will get and they are always looking for improvement.

Posted 13:37 19th April 2012

Martin Lee says...

Phil, despite what you say about the RFL diciplinary panel, the fact that Rangi Chase only got three matches for a reckless elbow to the head is plainly wrong and he should have a longer ban. Ropati now faces approx 10 weeks out for a fractured cheekbone, where is the justice in that. Also whats stopping the video ref reviewing this during the game and him being sent from the field, for him to be allowed to stay on the pitch and fev being a player down put them at a disadvantage.

Posted 12:06 19th April 2012

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