A flawed system

A flawed system

Phil Clarke says it would be a mistake to reintroduce promotion and relegation in rugby league.

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Ray Kenny says...

Huddersfield survived because they were given three chances Leigh only got one with no time to buy players, all had gone we were left with players that no one else wanted now widnes knew they were promoted at the start of the last season in the championship giving them twelve months start followed by three years in super league how can that be fair, again I agree with Andy Burnham promotion and relegation would make a better system to avoid clubs such as london not being bothered to play knowing that they are safe from relegation for the next season or so , bring it back spread the funding more fairer and lets create a much better system , I believe that we at Leigh would have much better gates as the cup game with Leeds testified ,much much better than the Huddersfield game of just over two thousand where we had over five thousand two hundred, the local games such as wigan and saints would fill the lsv come on give us a chance

Posted 08:55 27th May 2012

Philip Roberts says...

I'm afraid Phil i do not agree with the relegation/promotion issue I think that the clubs finishing top should be allowed in the super league and those who have poor seasons relegated. Its absolutely fair and then it stops teams thinking we'll write off this season and rebuild next year, competition all through the games. This will make rugby league much more entertaining to watch (Not that it isn't already) and also provide teams with more to play for than winning a second tier trophy. Another factor is big teams taking talent from small clubs the RFLU should stop then poaching the best talent and that will promote a better calibre coming into the super league.

Posted 19:00 26th May 2012

Dave Whittaker says...

Phil your main argument is that it will stop clubs overspending in an attempt to gain success or avoid relegation. An article in the Guardian back in April says that 10 of the 14 clubs overspent last season. I am guessing Huddersfield have overspent, Bradford certainly have. Havent clubs like Saints and Wigan broken the salary cap rule over the years in order to gain an unfair advantage over those who didnt. A punishment of a few points and a fine was too little to dent the success they had already had and would have. Rather than having caps where clubs can still make a loss every year why not just say you cannot spend more than you generated the previous season. Far better than a cap where clubs are tempted to overspend. It will also encourage clubs to be more savvy in promoting their club for sponsoship and when marketing. Lets just hope clubs don't follow the Superleagues sponsoship strategy of giving it for free! Stobart must be laughing. With regards to developing youngsters, clubs will have to do this as they won't be able to afford top class aussies thus making the national team a lot stronger. This is how promotion and relegation will work and make the sport more exciting and dramatic and bring through exciting new talent. On another note I think the playoffs to decide the champions is a joke. How can a team that finishes 8th in the league potentially be crowned champions. It means a team can win every single game but lose the grand final and not be champions, rediculous. The champions to me and a lot of other fans will always be the team that finishes top of the league. I am all for an end of season competition with the top 8 but something similar to the old Premiership trophy but not to crown champions.

Posted 12:31 26th May 2012

David Wilson says...

With regards the question about relegation from the Super League, why not introduce a playoff system between the bottom team in Super League and the top 3 in the Championship. In that the 2nd/3rd team play each other to see who meets the top placed team, then they play off to see who plays the bottom team in super league... who wins plays in Super League... This means that there is something to play for in both leagues and can only benefit the game....

Posted 17:06 25th May 2012

Paul Obrien says...

With regards to And Burnham comments on promotion-relegation i think he could do better using any influence he has to try and turn the tide of what the bbc is doing in local areas regarding the weekly radio bulletins,i find it hard to believe that in a democratic society we have to pay a yearly subscription without having any choice or say in what we prefer,once again rugby league is bottom of the ladder.

Posted 11:42 25th May 2012

Kieth Dickinson says...

rugby league is run buy the big clubs they cheery pick the best players then play them a few games each in the 18 and a lot of good players get wasted because of this. my son will be one of the best forwards to play rugby since sam burgess went over seas. he feels happy where he is and is happy with what pathway he has infront of him to get to playing super leaugue but he has had all the top teams after him . what i am saying that it is not all about money at this age and the parents of the kids coming though should not think it is . its all about at this age being 15. 16 that you are learning and want to get better in the game and in what ever education you follow it s not about thinking you have made it because it is just a start love all the siddal boys

Posted 22:20 24th May 2012

Danny Smith says...

Hi Phill, On the point of relegation I disagree with you that we should not have relegation however I don't think it should be as straightforward as the bottom team(s) go down. I believe a good idea would be the bottom 2 to play each other in a playoff at the end of the season. The winner will stay up and the looser will go on to play a relegation decider against the champions from the Championship. This game will decide whether the super league stays up or goes down. If the championship team wins they are promoted for the next season. This will give more motivation for the bottom teams in super league to perform to a higher level week in week out to avoid the relegation playoff.

Posted 13:37 24th May 2012

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