Data entry

Data entry

Phil Clarke has analysed his computer's findings and picked his ideal England side to take on the Exiles.

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Micky Sheehan says...

If Mac as he has stated is picking players on their performance, how has he picked so many under performing professionals. Peacock, Crabtree, Chase, Sinfield, Jamie Jones. Baily. Mac will not take England anywhere but backwards, he destroyed Bradford and will do the same to England. There are plenty of Fresh, hungry forwards out there give them a chance. Also why is Scarsbrook not in the England line up, young, great talent, far better than most of the prop forwards Mac has picked. Is it because he is a Londoner, Also he left out Atkins completley from both squads, but has been made to eat humble pie. as this young man is a talent and whem mac first picked his squad Atkins was playing outstanding, but was not picked. RFL do yourself a favour and get an England Manager who actually knows what he is doing, the sooner you get rid of Mac the better. Micky S.

Posted 22:36 9th June 2012

Kenneth Cattle says...

All things considered don"t you think that the crowds for Wakefield have been fantastic this season?.

Posted 19:53 9th June 2012

Dave Hilton says...

Hi Phil, two topics I would like your thoughts on. Firstly on the subject of promotion and relegation why could the winner of the premiership grand final not go into a play off with the team finishing bottom of super league. This would be an incredible game and would show wether the side wanting to come up are at a suitable level to compete with the bigger sides. Secondly I was under the impression that there was a cap on how many players could be picked from one club for the exiles game. This could have serious implications for a club if a couple of thier big players get injured particularlily in the second game as there is only two days rest until the next game . This is possibly the game when injurys would most likely occur . Your thoughts would be most appreciated

Posted 11:53 9th June 2012

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