Fighting talk

Fighting talk

Super League has cleared itself up in recent years, but Phil Clarke wants less fighting and more action!

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Mark Hemp says...

Cannot believe some fo the comments on here. Obviously by people who have never played the game before and have no idea about the game. There is no place in rugby league for a mass brawl! Players running in from other end of the pitch should be banned and fined heavily. Anyone who think otherwise is a thug!

Posted 13:55 15th March 2013

Stu B says...


Posted 19:41 14th March 2013

Jason Coombes says...

I can't believe the morons on here who say this type of brawling is okay - no wonder the game of Rugby league is so much trouble if you have ignorant and neanderthal fans like this! Rugby League is tough game, it's a great game too but there is no place for brawling in the modern age. Red card and fine them - happy to have Hock et all red carded for disrespecting the ref too.

Posted 19:39 14th March 2013

Andy Mellors says...

You are wrong here Mr Clarke! Fans love it, players love it! Sin bin both players and get on with the game. That is what makes Rugby League unique from other sports! That is part of their selling point! Plus a great game, great players like Sam Tomkins, Callum Watkins and Gareth Hock, modern stadiums like JJB, Langtree Park, Widnes and Huddersfield. Come on Phil its exciting!

Posted 13:22 14th March 2013

Mark F says...

Agreed. Red cards should be for deliberate foul play, not for being involved in a scrap. There is nothing better than a good fight in a big game, it stirs the adrenalin. Give them breather in the bin, then if they do something else, perhaps look at them taking an early bath.

Posted 13:06 14th March 2013

Gary Baker says...

I'm with Brian Carney on this one. Nothing gets the adrenalin going at a sporting contest than a bit of fisty-cuffs. Sending them both to the bin for 10 minutes usually does the trick. The red card should be reserved for serious offences like stamping and gouging. Incidentally you mention the famous Morley red-card incident in the Aussie test. What does an Australian have to do to get sent off against GB/England? The last time we beat them in 2006 in Sydney Willie Mason downed Fielden (surely at least 10 minutes) and then hit Long late in the head with an elbow (surely a red)? Fitzgibbon once dropped Sculthope with an elbow on the deck too and didn't even get a yellow. I think we should be told Phil - when was the last time an Aussie got sent off, even sin-binned, against us?

Posted 10:46 14th March 2013

Dan B says...

Phil Clarke may want to see less fighting but I dont think many other people do. Nothing like a good rumble to fire up both the players and fans at big fixtures

Posted 20:40 13th March 2013

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