Phil Clarke looks at the most important statistics in rugby league and how they can help us predict the outcome of a game

Phil Clarke looks at the most important statistics in rugby league and how they can help us predict the outcome of a game

Last year on Sky Sports the rugby league department attempted to predict the end of game score by using the match stats and an algorithm that took into account the results and stats from 700 previous Super League games.

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Matty Wootton says...

I disagree with this. i like to know the stats at half time and full time but to keep telling me what a 'computer' thinks will happen really annoys me and i think makes our game look stupid. even if the 'computer' predicted the score and got it right, whats the point, it would spoil the game i ask you this - would life be as good if you knew when you was going to die? leave things be and enjoy the 80 minutes with your own opinion not what a computer says! thank you x.

Posted 04:57 2nd April 2013

Tony King says...

Interesting stuff Phil. Does your data show any evidence that different teams have a different points per metre ratio? In the NFL points per yard is arguably a better forecasting tool than just yards as it takes in lots of other factors such as getting good field position from kick returns, turnovers, and the ability to actually make the hard yards in the red zone and turn a teams yardage into points. Any evidence of this in Super League?

Posted 01:25 28th March 2013

Paul Thwaites says...

Phil, why don't we have a bonus point system the same as in Rugby Union? Why should a team that battles hard and loses by one point to a drop goal in the dying seconds of a match be treated the same as a team who completely capitulates and loses by sixty points? I would be interested in your opinion on this. Cheers, Paul.

Posted 16:19 25th March 2013

Gary O'brien says...

Rugby League is a complex sport? There is the problem Phil - it's not! You are trying to make it into one - American football and union are foar more complex with a lot more factors. I think what Sky are doing is much too gimmicky and quite frankly I think it makes our sport look stupid.

Posted 13:57 20th March 2013

Richard Stone says...

I am a big fan of Statistics and enjoy sifting through the Stats of the Sports I enjoy...NFL American Football / Indycar / WTA Tennis etc. Stats are fine after the event but unfortunately I think its almost impossible to predict how games are going to turn out and sometimes these 'predictor' stats leave me and I'm sure many viewers cold. During NRL coverage from Australia they have gone even further with some guy giving viewers betting odds on the game about to start! I hope we are not heading down the same path. Having said all that I really enjoy listening to Phil Clarke during the games as he always has something sensible to say. (A bit like Annabel Croft with her comments on Tennis)

Posted 13:08 20th March 2013

Alfredmick Rooney says...

For those of us wishing to watch a match live and can form an opinion of what we are seeing the last thing we need are more inane comments from the commentary team. Statistics and arguments over rules are for another time or, at least, should wait to the end of the game. Please Sky get rid of this annoying exercise or lose viewers.

Posted 10:46 20th March 2013

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