Super League: Phil Clarke on who will finish in top eight

Super League: Phil Clarke on who will finish in top eight

They say the 20 mile mark in a marathon is when a marathon really begins. The same applies for half a dozen teams in the Super League.

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Chris Gabely says...

Martin Harvey: Are you an idiot? That is exactly what Clarke is saying! he is saying that they always do feature. Could someone please teach Saints fans to read!

Posted 10:33 10th July 2013

Chris Whitehead says...

So Phil you have changed your mind after the millennium weekend. You said Rovers had no chance of making the play off's, Well we are still in the mix. Our turning point can be seen as the millennium weekend when the big mistake was made that cost us a draw at least, since then we have come together as a team and the results have proved that, beating Catalan's away, Huddersfield at home and St Helens away. 2009 was the last time we won 5 on the bounce, come on you reds.

Posted 01:13 8th July 2013

Martin Harvey says...

Very rarely do Saints not feature? What planet ar you on Clarke? We've only had one bad year - we've been the most consistent team in the history of Super League... 1998 1 game away from GF 1999 Winners 2000 Winners 2001 - 2 games away from GF 2002 Winners 2003 2 games away from GF 2004 2 games away from GF 2005 1 game away from GF 2006 Winners 2007 Runners up 2008 Runners up 2009 Runners up 2010 Runners up 2011 Runners up 2012 1 game from GF... where is this RARELY featuring?... Once again your wording is trying to alter history! For someone who spouts about facts - you should stick to them in your reporting of them!

Posted 08:52 7th July 2013

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