Sam Tomkins NRL move should have been announced at end of season

Sam Tomkins NRL move should have been announced at end of season

Did you see the 'breaking news' this week? Sam Tomkins has signed for the New Zealand Warriors.

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Graham Anstee says...

I agree that signing announcements should take place at the end of the season, this would give fans more to talk about when there are no games to watch. I would like to take this opportunity as an ardent super league watcher on eurosport to vent my dislike at the amount of imported players taking up places in your great competition, therefore denying young up & comming locals a chance to progress, I see this as a negative that could send them off to other sports

Posted 04:03 9th October 2013

Don Elwell says...

I would introduce a transfer window for the Off-season only, which is a decent 3+ month period from October to February. I can appreciate Wigan fans' frustrations with their 'superstar Sam Tomkins', with his move to NZ in the offerring, Sam Tomkins has pursued his media career all season to the point that I bet he has had more TV time (pundit & mentoring etc.) than minutes on the pitch for his 'beloved Wigan'.

Posted 12:34 2nd October 2013

Leigh Richardson says...

The fact Friday could be Sam and Pats Last game in Wigan colours should inspire the team and fans alike so I guess if we win the timing of the announcement might be a master stroke? Wigan by 11

Posted 14:51 26th September 2013

Nick Lowe says...

i agree with Phil that I would like to see the game introduce a rule that forbids clubs from announcing who they've signed for next season until this season is over. This is essential, unless the player has no contract for next year with the current club that he is playing for. then this is where i believe the player should be able to announce the new club he is signing for (bosman rule style announcement ). But i agree with you on regular signings being delayed until after the season as i think this would add some interest in the game during the off season.

Posted 06:01 26th September 2013

Michael Martin says...

I think you are completley wrong on this! It happens to much at Wigan that a player or coach leaves without the fans showing their appreciation. We have been treated like idiots as fans at Wigan! Everything is denied and left untill the last minute. Its about time they made it public.

Posted 13:33 25th September 2013

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