Froch shows true grit

Froch shows true grit

Wayne McCullough watched Carl Froch defend his title with a majority decision over Glen Johnson.

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Beverly Gosling says...

I was actually disappointed in Froch's performance against Johnson. Contrary to what most of the British boxing fans feel I do not believe that Froch will beat Andre Ward. Time will tell.

Posted 10:28 22nd June 2011

Jamie Boyle says...

Froch showed how limited he is. Like a lot of British fighters, he had it too easy early in his career. He hasn't progressed as a fighter, has no defence and is stuck in his ways. He was beaten by Kessler, got a dodgy decision against Dirrell and could have lost against Johnson with different judges. It's pointless for Sky and others British commentators to overhype our fighters. Hameed was found out at the highest level, Khan will be destroyed sooner or later, Haye hasn't earned his shot at the Klitscho's and Calzaghe only fought 2 fighters who would have destroyed him in their prime. Calzaghe should also have lost against Robin Reid who clearly beat him, only offering him a rematch when Reid was past it.

Posted 00:45 7th June 2011

Craig Collins says...

Solid performance from Froch even tho he did ship a few of Johnsons overhand rights his knees never buckled. Andre ward is very beatable with Froch,s power,and should he unify the super middle weight division people will have to say he is one of the best british boxers ever even if his critics dont agree with his low left hand style.

Posted 11:34 6th June 2011

Paul Johnson says...

Excellent summary Wayne. I thought it was good to see Carl boxing more, and fighting off the back foot for a while. He seems to like a tear up but boxing more will allow him the choice to extend his career if he wants to further down the line. I agree that, while it was not an easy fight for Carl, in the end I thought he won quite comfortably by 4 or 5 rounds. I don't know what fight Jim Watt was watching but it was obviously not the same one as me, and presumably the same fight as the Japanese judge watched!

Posted 10:51 6th June 2011

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