Thorny issues

Thorny issues

Stuart asks if European rugby can show the initiative and bravery that has seen Argentina move forward.

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Dave Roberts says...

Before worrying about changing the 6 Nations, the home unions need to start taking strong national sides to play in Russia, Georgia and Romania regularly. I have always moaned that NZ and Aus never take teams to the South Sea Islands, but now, we are doing the same in Europe. Surely our countries have a duty to help grow the sport in Europe. Is one less boringly predictable money spinning game against NZ or SA too high a price to pay to help develop the Georgian team?

Posted 12:33 26th September 2012

Charlie Prince says...

With the autumn internationals coming up would you rather go form an inexperienced exciting side ? Or do you believe we should play a more stable team for the world cup qualification ? Also who would be your fly half ?

Posted 19:33 25th September 2012

Paul Jones says...

ruby is bigger than any indervidaul or club we must promote the game a two tear 6 ations would be a good thing it would make the current 6 sit up and take notice promote more youg players form all over europe and maybe take on the southern hemisphare teams and more imprortanly develope young players from all over europe

Posted 16:14 25th September 2012

Paul Heneke says...

What are your thoughts on the South African kicking situation? It's fair to say that the All Blacks and Australians play a prettier brand of rugby, but the old South African way is *nearly* working - the games in Perth and Dunedin were close. The problem was the placekicking from Morne Steyn (especially in NZ). How would you suggest Meyer address this? As a Stormer I would love to see Peter Grant drafted in, but I know that this is highly unlikely...

Posted 15:09 25th September 2012

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