English determination and an Owen Farrell masterclass saw Saracens overcome Racing Metro in Heineken Cup, says Stuart Barnes

English determination and an Owen Farrell masterclass saw Saracens overcome Racing Metro in Heineken Cup, says Stuart Barnes

That was better.

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Emmet O'connell says...

Just replying to David Homer regarding Munster getting whats coming to them, Munster were infringing during the game and were getting away with it. Does David believe that Edinburgh are always legal and whiter than white as for Rog's kick on Sean Cox, he did the crime and did the time. But surely Sean Cox was not completely innocent as through out the game he was continually shouting, body checking and trying to wind up his opponents. Rugby is competitive and I was delighted when Edinburgh reached last seasons semi final and sincerely hope they get back to that form. Munster are a great side and they have been on the wrong side of bad decisions but they have always been gracious in defeat and humble in victory. Best of luck David and hopefully you will be cheering us on against Quins in April.

Posted 21:48 23rd January 2013

Spidey Jones says...

Intresting round of games quins clermont and toloun look quality, tigers on the wane and ulster not at 100%. Can;t wait for the 6 nations and if your looking for a lions bolter eli walker the most exciting winger in the uk and ireland right now and will rip uo the 6 nations

Posted 16:13 17th January 2013

David Homer says...

Hey all as a edinburgh rugby fan i was witness to a totally shocking referreeing performance by greg gardner and his so called assistants on sunday against munster i was outraged at the amount of times munster kept infringing yet got away with it apart from the sin bin whilst greg laidlaws yellow was harsh whilst ronan o'garas kick at sean cox was a disrace its only a matter of time the tmo calls in the aviva get drafted into the heikenand i hope to hell munster get whats comming to them against metro and beyond

Posted 21:40 16th January 2013

Nicholas Cole says...

Start, is this situation with Saracens and the salary cap becoming ridiculous now? It was odd how they acquired Ashton last year for a wapping fee without having anyone else leave. How do they go ahead and find the money for Johnson and Vunipola, while signing up 10 players on new deals at what will be vastly improved rates. It is obvious they are paying no notice of the salary cap and it is all off the books.

Posted 21:51 15th January 2013

Simon Thirtle says...

Reading a number of pundits' blogs across a variety of forums, there seem to be a lot of readers' comments in relation to whether Farrell is overrated - often, his lack of creative flair is cited and he is criticised for only bringing a solid defence and dependable boot to the table. Whilst I, like any England fan, would love to see England field a 10 with the qualities of Dan Carter, I don't agree with the furore caused by Farrell's selection - in recent years, the team has struggled because it couldn't keep the scoreboard ticking over, which is a hugely important factor in test rugby. Penalties and drop goals may not be a pretty way of doing so - but they are effective. It was a large factor in the success of the team at the 2003 RWC, which incidentally played well with a 10 who didn't have barrels of creative flair but was solid as a barn door in defence and seldom missed a kick...

Posted 13:20 15th January 2013

Derek Wilcox says...

Hi Stuart, having watched Ospreys v Leicester yesterday, albeit on television, I was unimpressed with Manu Tuilagi's performance for someone constantly billed as English rugby's future. His skill set left much to be desired. Do you think opposing teams have/will worked him out? It will be interesting to see how Toulouse deal with him. One more observation/question: do you think that The Farrell family are overrated? Father, a Lions coach with very limited playing and coaching experience in rugby union and son who can kick goals and defend but doesnt exactly set the game alight with his offensive play?

Posted 13:47 14th January 2013

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