Classy Clermont

Classy Clermont

Stuart Barnes rounds up the winners and losers from the Heineken Cup and reveals his wish for 2013.

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Simon Whitehouse says...

Stuart, Alhough he has already played for the All Blacks, as Nick Evans has been in the country for over three years, does that make him available for the Lions. If so would you pick him? Cheers Si.

Posted 18:34 29th December 2012

Spidey Jones says...

The ospreys demolished Tolouse and will do the same to leicester when they visit the liberty. Clermont and quins final is on the cards

Posted 10:22 28th December 2012

Brendan O'donoghue says...

I am a Munster fan and attended Munster v Saracens in Vicarage Road 16.12.12. Saracens were worthy winners. Saracens fans were hospitable people who enjoy good rugby and made Munster fans feel welcome. That said; what can only be described as very bad manners was (a) The guy announcing the Munster team rushed through the names so Munster fans could not cheer! (b) Anytime the Munster fans tried to sing we were blasted with "Stand up for Saracens" - this killed the atmosphere (c) Any time Munster had a penalty again the PA blasted out "Stand Up For Saracens". This is not sour grapes - Saracens were deserving winners. But the use of the PA in such a way to drown out opposition fans is very unsporting and really detracted from the event. As TV broadcasters showing matches with passionate fans singing; backing their team is a very important part of the whole "entertainment" package. We all traveled a long distance and paid £30.00 a head to see the game but could not engage and support our team because anytime we tried to do so we were blasted with the PA. This behavior would not be tolerated at a football match. Broadcasters, along with ERC, RFU, Clubs and other interested parties should implement a code of conduct concerning how you can use a PA to celebrate a try or penalty but not to "drown out" opposition fans who are trying to support their team. It got so bad there were a number of Saracen fans who were really embarrassed by this unsporting tactic - nobody was standing up for Saracens! I wish Saracens well in the competition they are a fine team, deserved the win and have great fans. However the club directors must review the PA use policy during matches. If not it will only detract from their status as a fin, sporting and respectable club which will result in reduced crowds as people will determine if I can't support my team I may as watch it on the television.

Posted 13:53 18th December 2012

Mick Collyer says...

A good result for the Saints but lets not get carried away. They played like they should for the 1st 1/4 but after that it was backs to the wall against a very off colour Ulster. The Saints have gone backwards at a rate of knots and wont win anything until they have a plan B and a decent fly half.

Posted 11:23 18th December 2012

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