These three played for which club?

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Brent Dobbin says...


Posted 15:38 14th December 2011

Brendan Hoare says...

Rob Edwards, Joey Gudjonsson and Oyvind Leonhardsen were team-mates at Aston Villa.

Posted 14:39 13th December 2011

Keith Wogan says...

Bolton Wanderers

Posted 13:39 12th December 2011

Robert Jewkes says...

I think KEVIN PHILLIPS,ERIC DJEMBA-DJEMBA & PATRICK BERGER all played together at Aston Villa

Posted 19:18 6th December 2011

Arnar Ingason says...

Andy Townsend, Dwight Yorke and Steve Staunton were together at Aston Villa.

Posted 10:03 1st December 2011

Ben Tailby says...

Ian Wright Mark Bright Not Sure they were at crystal palace together

Posted 20:18 29th November 2011

Ruaidhri Fletcher says...


Posted 18:00 27th November 2011

Daniel Johnson says...

They were together at Wimbledon

Posted 13:44 14th November 2011

William Slaven says...

They paid for Leicester City in the 1996-1997 season

Posted 14:43 4th November 2011

Jamie Fennelly says...

Ipswich Town

Posted 13:48 3rd November 2011

Jack Coyer says...


Posted 22:37 25th October 2011

Stuart Nathan says...


Posted 02:30 16th October 2011

Boris Johnson says...

West Brom

Posted 21:34 11th October 2011

Darren Davidson says...

Leeds united

Posted 12:21 4th October 2011

Asd Svfgvv says...

liester city

Posted 04:56 3rd October 2011

Colin Gibson says...

Leicester City fc

Posted 21:22 2nd October 2011

David Webley says...

they all played for wigan

Posted 09:30 3rd September 2011

Thomas Sorensen says...

Blackburn Rovers

Posted 22:31 14th August 2011

Daren Bulman says...

blackburn rovers

Posted 20:04 12th August 2011

Danny White says...


Posted 19:27 11th August 2011

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