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Euro stars on track

Euro stars on track

Champions League contenders Chelsea and Manchester United will come out firing, says Phil Thompson.

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Mike Cody (Liverpool fan) says...

I dont agree with Marco that the score line for Chelsea will be a 4 nil victory... Porto arent a bad side, especially as home where their record is fantastic.. However Chelsea have a cracking squad but maybe a draw is what will happen tonight! Utd to win 2 nil YNWA

Posted 14:58 15th September 2009

Lee Speers (Chelsea fan) says...

I think that Porto's attacking style of play will suit Chelsea down to the ground we have already showed so far this season that we are able to keep possesion extremely well in the new formations that we are using and there will definetley be alot more room for Chelsea to move into unlike the game against stoke where they were pretty much playing with 5 across the back at times, I can see Porto giving a very good account of themselves and they certainly deserve respect but I can see this one ending up 3 -1 to chels

Posted 14:42 15th September 2009

Ryan James (Liverpool fan) says...

Chelsea haven't always been convincing in the group stages and I would agree that 4-0 is a litte disrespectful to a side as good as Porto, it was only last season that they took Utd to the wire. That said Cheslea always do enough and I believe they will win by the odd goal. You know what to expect in Turkeym its going to be hostile, but Utd have experience and players that don't get bothered by these things, I would expect them to come away with a postivie result. They have far too much quality for the Turks.

Posted 14:14 15th September 2009

Ade Young (Chelsea fan) says...

If you read the comments made by Phil Thompson properly you would see his prediction is 2-0 rather than 3 or 4-0!.

Posted 12:07 15th September 2009

James Moore (Chelsea fan) says...

I dont know how people can label Phil Thompson as showing a 'lack of respect'? He's a pundit, and he predicts what he thinks will happen. Get it? Based on Chelsea superb form, he is not so wide off the mark, yes i acknowledge Porto's superb 'HISTORY' (just as i acknowledge Leeds United). When you think about it though, the only games in which weve only scraped a win was against teams putting 10 men behind the ball, Porto wont do this and that will suit Chelsea perfectly. For this reason alone Chelsea would find an attacking Porto far easier than a defensive Stoke.

Posted 11:35 15th September 2009

Peter Maher (Manchester United fan) says...

I'm sorry, if you think Porto outplayed United at Old Trafford last year you must have been watching a very different game. United were not outplayed and Porto's goals both came from United mistakes. They played well, but they didn't outplay United by any means. You also forgot to mention that in the second leg they were outplayed by United for long periods and didn't offer any real attacking threat. The game at OT was the highlight of their campaign. I'm not showing them a lack of respect but your assertion that they outplayed United is ridiculous.

Posted 02:57 15th September 2009

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