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Wide and seek

Wide and seek

Man United must watch the wide men if they want to get a result at Bayern Munich, says Phil Thompson.

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Conor Willis (Barcelona fan) says...

2-1 bayern

Posted 13:36 30th March 2010

Omar Hussain (Manchester United fan) says...

if robben doesnt play it will be a big bonus, i am normally confident going into any game but gary neville against robben and ribery has me slightly worried, robben makes things happen and is under-rated

Posted 13:22 30th March 2010

Bradley Tomsett (Manchester United fan) says...

I think for one phil has got it wrong, yes bayerns wingers are dangerous BUT Ribery aint as good as people say. i think robben is far more better and far more dangerous than ribery. Ribery is far overrated and to say that United are a one man team? Come on ribery have you been watching us lately?? Dont think you have!! I think SAF will opt for the 451 formation and go for a simliar team to liverpool that i agree with! but a 2-1 to bayern is pretty laughable considering our form lately and how we SMASHED one of the best teams in the game although they were an old team! 7 - 2 on agg against AC Milan is impressive considering the attacking talent they have. so although IT WILL be tough we should have enough in our locker to see bayern out of the UCL. Lets all hope united don't fail to turn up! COME ON YOU REDDDDDS!!

Posted 13:21 30th March 2010

Ross Ryan (Manchester United fan) says...

I've watched Ribéry a fair amount to understand he possesses an excellent attacking brain. Much like Ronaldo and Giggs of past, Robben and Franck will no doubt be switching wings several times during the match to keep Evra and Neville on their toes. Bayern have a tremendous ability to overvalue players as they have a proven track record of. I believe Utd ended up paying too much for Hargreaves as the German club are tremendous at making clubs pay over the odds. Ribéry is a player that is genuinely rotated in a France squad with the likes of Malouda, Gourcuff and Govou. Being that Chelsea paid significantly over the odds for Florent also, a 40 Million pounds price tag I believe represents over double of what Franck is really worth. Whilst I respect he is a good player, much like the Milan game, I don't see Robben or Ribéry tracking back nearly enough to calm the threat of Nani, Park or Valencia sieging the Bayern full backs. The sheer quality of crossing for an on fire Rooney will be the difference in this game. I feel that we will end up with a comfortable lead going back to Old Trafford

Posted 12:58 30th March 2010

Olawunmi Raji (Manchester United fan) says...

Phil, you are spot on. Remember we also have good wide men. More than half of United attacks and goals this season has always been from the wide . Nani and Valencia on their day will deliver. It will be a close game. 4. 5 .1 should be okay. My head want Park and Fletcher to be on the bench against Saturday with Chelsea. Let Schole, Carrick, Giggs start and see where that take us to. I predict score draw 1. 1 or 1.2 in favor of United. Common Red Devils. We can do it again

Posted 12:42 30th March 2010

Billy Johnson (Gillingham fan) says...

"Robbie Green (Chelsea fan) says... If Robben doesn't play, that's a massive headstart for Man U. Ribery is overrated and nowhere near as lethal as Robben. Robben is as good as Messi, if not better, and he's be regarded as much but for his incessant injuries." Not a surprise to see a Chelsea fan who knows nothing about football!! Robben better than Messi?!? I suppose Kalou is better than Ronaldo as well then...

Posted 11:50 30th March 2010

Royston Vale (Fulham fan) says...

I just love the way all the rival fans start by slating united and saying that we are going to lose. Typical I think United have been very good this season, especially in Europe. I think they will go to Munich, and come back with a win. They need to play the 4-5-1 system, with Rooney alone and Park & Valencia on the wings. Then Carrick, Fletcher and Scholesy in the centre. Scholesy is the man, if he has a good game, United will definitely win. 9/10 times he has a good game. Such class.

Posted 11:47 30th March 2010

Jayden Cole (Manchester United fan) says...

Man United will overcome Bayern overall, although I do still feel that Ribery will destroy Neville, that will where the threat of Bayern will be most. Neville is a very experienced defender so that will be key. Evra on the left has nothing to worry about as he is one of the best left-back's in the world. Park & Fletcher will run riot against Bayern and Van Bommel won't be given the time of day. I just see United sweeping Bayern aside like they did against Milan.

Posted 11:20 30th March 2010

Teddy Dice (Manchester United fan) says...

In all honestly Bayern have no chance. Look to the Heavens and you can see United vs Barca final all over again. Look back down to earth, particularly focusing on ares such as Manchester and Munich, and it is obvious who the the better team is. United will run the show tonight, but Bayern will make it tough. Only. thought there are many, problem for Bayern is United will score, and if they score first it'll be tie over. I'm going for a 2-0 or 3-0 United win, not because I'm optimistic, but because it just makes too much sense

Posted 10:24 30th March 2010

Ugochukwu Iloka (Manchester United fan) says...

Am a man u fan but i see this match as a very tough one.We dont have 2 neglect bayern munich.They play good game but with our form now i predict the man a 2-1 win.With rooney and paul scholes scoring in the match.

Posted 09:00 30th March 2010

Seamus Enright (Manchester United fan) says...

It seem this game will be decided down the flanks. Gary nevilles pace is an issue he has bags of experience but you need bags of pace against ribery and robben. Evra is quick and a great defender theres no worries there. I reckon fletcher could be needed to cover a lot of ground. United should score in munich simply because both ribery and robben rarely track back and united are also strong down the flanks scoring heaps of goals with crosses to rooney. United to draw in munich 1-1. Berbatov could score from a clearance. United to cruise at old trafford.

Posted 08:00 30th March 2010

Robbie Green (Chelsea fan) says...

If Robben doesn't play, that's a massive headstart for Man U. Ribery is overrated and nowhere near as lethal as Robben. Robben is as good as Messi, if not better, and he's be regarded as much but for his incessant injuries.

Posted 07:25 30th March 2010

Kapil Sing (Manchester United fan) says...

Fair enough, we'll have to be careful in dealing with their wide men but I still believe that United will come back with a good result, maybe a 1-1 or 2-2 draw. This put them in great position for the return leg but before that they'll have to dig deep to beat Chelsea, which I predict they will win by 2-1. Title is sure to go United's way, as for CL, might be tough between Utd, Inter or Barcelona

Posted 05:27 30th March 2010

Sam Reeder (Manchester United fan) says...

Man Utd win, 2-0

Posted 04:55 30th March 2010

Faysal Chaudhry (Manchester United fan) says...

Bayern are a danger. Then again, how esily did Fiorentina give Bayern a good game in Germany. If it wasn't for that 'suspect' klose goal there would be no Bayern. Bayern will play possesion football and United will hit Bayern on the break. I can see this as a close 1-0 to United or a 2-2 game. Scholes will play a key role. I can see Rooney bagging a goal. For all the hype the story will be plain, United will take their chances and Bayern will be poor n the final third. However an open game is upon us. UNITED 4 LIFE

Posted 02:36 30th March 2010

Toms Keating (Manchester United fan) says...

Phil, I think United could have a problem if Rafael plays right-back because he is learning his trade and Ribery or Robben will try to exploit him. But if Neville plays he will have more experience than the young Brazilian. But I think Evra will be fine on the left-flank because in my view he is one of if not the left-back in the world. I also ask you one question. Do you think Gary Neville will be on the plane to South Africa 2010 for England, or is there any other right-backs who would be better than Neville as a replacement. Even though I am Irish and sadly the Rep. of Ireland are not going to be there in 2010 with England. I was just wondering the answer of that question. Thanks.

Posted 01:44 30th March 2010

Jason Gurney (Manchester United fan) says...

i think it will be a united win if we play 451 with rooney on his own and nani and obertan and valencia on as well we will beat them 2;0

Posted 01:24 30th March 2010

Clark Jones (Manchester United fan) says...

I think Phil has is spot on with the danger men as they are Bayern's best players but i think Park will be in midfield to stop van bommel's service to the flanks. If United can do that with success i can't see united conceeding. Bayern struggled against Fiorentina twice, and only stumbled into the next round due to a stumbling referee's decisions. This is the end of the line for Bayern with both wide men not 100% it will be difficult for them. As usual i don't agree with Phil's predictions but i must admit i rarely do for the united one's ..... I wonder why

Posted 01:20 30th March 2010

Mike Singh (Manchester United fan) says...

I feel it wont be an easy game but with our form picking up at the right time and the squad we have, we should come away with a win in germany. I think it will be a close 1st half with united gettin the 1st goal and then can see united winning 3 or 4 goals on the night

Posted 00:10 30th March 2010

Siddhant Bhandari (Manchester United fan) says...

I think we have a better midfield than Bayern and Park with Fletcher likes to attack.So its not only Rooney they will be thinking about.Our midfield can hold the ball well and pace the game.It is going to be a 2-0 victory for Utd...

Posted 23:11 29th March 2010

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