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Wide and seek

Wide and seek

Man United must watch the wide men if they want to get a result at Bayern Munich, says Phil Thompson.

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Robbie Deeming (Manchester United fan) says...

i think the result purely comes down to what starting eleven sir alex picks, if he has 5 in midfield i feel united will win the game but only if the midfield consists of park valencia fletcher carrick and scholes and rooney up top on his own, my prediction 3-2 united

Posted 22:24 29th March 2010

Raju Ali (Manchester United fan) says...

With the threat of Nani and Valencia with Evra and Neveil on the flank, Wayne Rooney is unstoppable in scoring goals, 4-5-1 is the new formation and its working well. we also have our centre halfs ferdinand and vidic back playing together. Bayern have 3 players they can rely on and thats Ribry, Robben and lahm. So from that united will win 2 - 0.

Posted 21:23 29th March 2010

Lukeman Jalal (Chelsea fan) says...

Everyone is talking about Ribery and Robben as your threat for the game.... But you guys are forgetting one name... They have one of the best attacking wing backs in the form of Philip Lahm.... Also his defence capabilities are famous... Remember how he kept Mess in his pocket during the return leg of UCL QF last season... during the first leg he didn't play, Barca scored 4 goals... 2nd leg he played, Barca managed to pull one back at 75th minute.... I'm sure SAF will not take him likely.... Either Valencia or Nani will have to run thier socks out to keep him quiet...

Posted 18:35 29th March 2010

Karl Salthouse (Manchester United fan) says...

I think that allot of pressure is being put on the shoulders of ribery and roben which could play into our favor, we have a world beater in wayne rooney and two very good wingers in nani and valencia and with darren fletcher being in such good form as a box to box midfielder i believe that we have what it takes to beat them away and at home my prediction over two legs man utd to win comfortably

Posted 18:02 29th March 2010

Salim Riyami (Manchester United fan) says...

Everybody is talking about Ruben & Ribery for Bayen but the real threat is from Nani & Valencia on their day very few defenders can stop them, If they are on song on Tuesday then then I recon for 3-1 to united and the contest is over with Rooney getting a brace: Ribery against Evra no match... Evra is so much good for him.. Rubben may have a chance but he will have to waste most of his time tracking Valencia..

Posted 17:54 29th March 2010

Gary Munn (Manchester United fan) says...

We will win this one, bit easier than we think. I see us going back to Manchester with a comfortable lead. C'mon the lads

Posted 17:28 29th March 2010

Steven Ashiembi (Liverpool fan) says...

man-u will find it hard to play their pressing game because the germans are technically sound and they will mark out rooney who is the only threat...otherwise i can see a bayern win without conceding..

Posted 15:34 29th March 2010

Aidan Kearney (Manchester United fan) says...

i am a ragin united fan have been for years... but i think if gary neville plays against ribery or robben he will get caught for pace.... uniteds best option would be to play rafeal simply for his pace and attecking ability

Posted 15:25 29th March 2010

Scott Duerden (Manchester United fan) says...

I think it'll be a simliar match to Milan away a few weeks ago, we'll be looking at breaking them down then go on the counter attack with the pace of Rooney, Valencia and Nani. I also think Fergie will tell Park or Fletcher to do a job on Van Bommel he's the heart beat of the team and similiar to Milan if you stop Pirlo you stop Milan. I'm going for United at 2-1 in close game

Posted 15:13 29th March 2010

Rodgers Omondi (Manchester United fan) says...

I see Manchester United winning this 2-1, and finishing it off on Wednesday next week at Old Trafford. The power and pace of Wayne Rooney and Park Ji-Sung will be vital for this game. And of course the experience of the defenders and goalkeeper will play in our favour. Go Manchester United.

Posted 15:08 29th March 2010

Tom Nolan (Manchester United fan) says...

Phil,what about our wide men,i think nani and valencia are better than bayerns wide men.there has been an awful lot said about ribery.he is not exactly setting the world alight in Germany is he.certain people like to rate him up there with messi and ronaldo,I'm not so sure.I think ribery is nowhere near as good as messi or ronaldo.granted he is fast but I haven't seen enough to compare with the best.all this hype around ribery just started because Madrid were looking at him but didn't come in for him.he is not proven in club football FACT.robben is a good winger,has a good left foot but evra will take care of big games in the past robben has tended to be selfish which has not worked has been too long since we played bayern and this will a very tough game but united will win tommorrow 2-0.Rooney to score twice.if Valencia & Nani perform tommorrow united will be better.

Posted 14:57 29th March 2010

Nabeel H (Manchester United fan) says...

It will be a close call but I firmly believe Gary Neville's experience will be vital to stop a hitman like Ribery in getting the final ball. He'll have to dig deep and needs to be well supported at the back, with Vidic in good form over the weekend, I suspect a draw to be the best result for either side.

Posted 14:43 29th March 2010

Paul Glynn (Manchester United fan) says...

i know you say we should be wary of robben and ribery i think they should be equally weary of valencia and nani no to metion a mr wayne rooney thats with out evra down the flanks say 2-1 i say we will come away with a least a 1 goal advantage..

Posted 14:20 29th March 2010

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