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Right man, right time

Right man, right time

Phil Thompson believes Roy Hodgson is the right man to lead Liverpool back into a top four position.

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Aaron Byrne (Arsenal fan) says...

i personally think that liverpool have a great signing and wish that he had chosen arsenal, im a bit surprised by the players choice to leave champions league football but wish him all the best, hope he becomes a more consistently amazing player, and plays great fro england

Posted 15:10 19th July 2010

Darren Whelan (Liverpool fan) says...

i am delighted that an englishman in roy hodgson is given the chance to steady the ship at liverpool as he was my first choice. i wont comment furter anymore until after his first few games but what i will finally say is that he will have to be almost spot on in the transfer market if we are to progress as a club & can things really get any worse than last season ? my answer is that no i think this season we can win silverware... come on liverpool ! ! !

Posted 10:56 19th July 2010

Alan Hughes (Liverpool fan) says...

well done liverpool for appointing roy hodgson . the man deserves respect . he is an honest person , who i think will get the best out of our team , and he shows great passion in wanting to do well for liverpool football club . he is also the type of person who will listen to his players , get there views , and work well with them . he is just the person we need right now . he needs total support from our supporters . i really think this is a great time to move forward with roy in charge .

Posted 10:28 19th July 2010

Nick Butler (Liverpool fan) says...

i cannot say any positive or negative comments about roy hodgson untill iv seen his style of play and the results of the following premier leage fixtures although he has done a terrific job at craven cottage, doesnt mean he will come and work mirricles at anfield, there is a lot more work and consentration at liverpool for example european football. i really hope hodgson will listen to the players and be able to work well as a team with them, If he brings in remy i think he wud be a good sighning but i also think we shud maybe set are standerds a bit higher and sighn sum1 with world cup winning experience maybe a brazilian to bring in sum pace to our football and maybe play 2 forwards instead of gerrard roaming attack midfield, i think dirk kuyt is an amazing player and very hard working and i think a lot of the players at liverpool cud take a leaf owt of hes book as our main fault is complaicency, THE PREM IS OURS FOR THE TAKING,,, SO LETS TAKE IT,,,, I AM THE KOP!!!!!!!!!!! I BELIEVE !!!!!!!!

Posted 16:58 18th July 2010

Steff Reeve (Liverpool fan) says...

i have been a liverpool supporter since 1977 and must say ive watched all the roy hodgson interviews etc....the man impresses me....he takes no rubbish from the press and has a great track record as a coach...3 or 4 good signings ( left back winger centre midfielder and a stiker 1 hopefully joe cole ) and he will get them playing with pride that deserves the shirt they wear!!! y.n.w.a. come on roy !!!

Posted 00:02 18th July 2010

Eddie Fletcher (Woking fan) says...

No man is the right man for Liverpool given their financial problems!

Posted 22:25 17th July 2010

Michael Wing (Liverpool fan) says...

Just cause we finished 7th doesnt mean we have took a step back, so we had a bad season i was gutted as the next red ! but teams are getting better cause the rich are buying teams pumping money in and just spend stupid amounts trying to buy the big titles but they will never buy history and a well run club like a hand full of top clubs, even tho the fans dont like how the owners do buisness the historical memories are embedded into everyone involved with lfc they all know what high standards are expected to wear the liverbird red shirt ! we need not to waste to much on youngsters see wot come through the accadamy and spend that little bit more on better quality players than 2 meadioka players who may be top players one day we need them to be world class now !! but dont just pick anyone do the homework first just like wenger the new manager might be wot is needed at the club bringing back the simple thing of old like passing and moving forward like the days of daglish rush barns aldo. thanx to raffa and wot he done for us but like gerard houlier things went stail at the end playing wrong tactics and players out of position come on roy you no the fans will give you a chance since 1892 we have always had faith in our managers us scoucers may be mocked at times about the way we live but one thing we always treat people with respect

Posted 04:59 17th July 2010

Richard Smith (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

roy hodgson how the mighty have fallen ha ha ha glory hunters support chelsea now hodgson sums liverpool up mutten dresses as lamb the only reason you will keep torres and stevie g is who would av um torres always injured stevie g a never has been all youve done in the last 20 years is fluke a cup when the other team couldnt stop laughing at how poor you are get used to mid table fodder ah yer you already are ha ha ha never mind might finish above everton again but nothing else again ha ha ha ha ha ha

Posted 18:25 16th July 2010

Chris R (Manchester United fan) says...

With Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs, Man C, and Villa all in the race for 4 spots teams like Everton coming up on the rails I really dont see Liverpool getting anywhere near a 4th place finish. Their squad is simply not good enough and when Mash leaves the team will have to rely on players like Lucas to win the mid-field. Liverpool need to go back to the basics and recruit some young British talent and work for the future and also add in Joe Cole and Carlton Cole. A couple of years finishing mid-table may well do this team some good (and make me laugh in the process). The main problem is that most of the players speak different languages and dont understand one another so a weak squad becomes even worse. Allthough, they do have a better chance of finishing higher than 7th now that Benitez has left.

Posted 13:47 16th July 2010

David Jones (Liverpool fan) says...

Good luck Mr Hodgson. He is brought to Liverpool, because the club is in big debt and wont spend money in big names. I think he is the right man who can work a team with tight budget and get out more from the players we have at the moment even if our top players leave, hope not. What he has done at Fulham last season, if he does the same at Liverpool, forget 4th place, we might challenge for the title because we have much better player than Fulham, no disrespect. Last season Liverpool was like England team 2010, not playing like a team, players out of position, players unhappy with manager, no passion, very painful to watch. Wish Mr Hodgson good luck, and hope to see a good Liverpool team playing good football....

Posted 03:08 16th July 2010

Kelvin Choudree (Liverpool fan) says...

The Rafalution is over and in comes Roy Hodgson who many believe is the right man for the job. Iv'e heard that one before, so is every man the right one to take over the Anfield reigns. Mr Hodgson like any other manager you will have the full support from the Anfield faithful, lets hope that you can turn our fortunes around and i dont mean by making us a top 4 team but a team to compete with the best for the TITLE. I would like to add, no player is bigger than the club so if Masch , Torres, Gerrard all wana go let them leave, the club will never walk alone, we will still be here. Masch had better not forget that we LFC made him, so did we with Xabi Alonso and let them not forget that, i say if you not happy and you feel the clock is ticking move on, just dont drag our club into all these negative stories about wanting to leave. We jst need to fine tune a few areas and we will be back and as always the likes of the Mancs, Chelskis and Arsenals, they always feared us thats why they always worry bout us. CMON YOU REDS !!! YNWA

Posted 20:34 15th July 2010

Andy Thompson (Liverpool fan) says...

im 50/50 if ya go back 10 years ago or when blackburn rovers won the premiership and 3 to 4 years later who was involved in getting blackburn relegated. And also what i didnt like to hear that Hodgson dreading a call from fergie saying sorry that he took the liverpool job id be worried when we play them in september maybe as saying sorry he will let man utd walk all over us as for sorry for taking the liverpool job

Posted 16:20 15th July 2010

Mike . (Liverpool fan) says...

Its nice to see some positivity regarding the appointment of Roy Hodgson as the majority are fickle glory hunters who would be better supporting manure!!! Roy will be brilliant for us, i think he will ditch the negative 2 defmid that rafa used and play more in the face of opponents as opposed to setting up the team not to lose! Get rid of the dead weight and bring in a couple of 1st team players that are tried and tested and i think we will do alot better than most people think!!! IN ROY WE TRUST YNWA

Posted 16:18 15th July 2010

T Daniel (Liverpool fan) says...

I am a very happy Liverpool supporter that the club has choosen a English manager that know the English and Eurpoean game. Yes Liverpool FC need some find tuning and 7 new players need to be purchased. And the same sold. Otherwise Liverpool have a very good players if movitated correctly and played in their best positions we will begin to see the best of this players. GOOD LUCK MR ROY HODGSON YOU HAVE ONE OF THE BEST JOBS AND TEAM IN THE FOOTBALL WORLD.

Posted 11:48 15th July 2010

Harry Willetts (West Bromwich Albion fan) says...

there is a doubt how good hodgson will do as liverpool manager yet there is no doubting is experience, he has a good club track record, you only have to look at how he took a mediocre side like fulham to the europa league final, there is every possibility that things could take off at anfield, the champions league top three is the main priority.

Posted 14:34 14th July 2010

Jack Houghton (Chelsea fan) says...

Surely you would rather have kept Benitez Tommo? After all, i don't know how many times i saw you on Soccor Saturday defending him until you were blue in the face!! You said he couldn't do a better job with the limited funds he had. Well those funds wont change. But i'm very sure Roy Hodgson will use them a far lot better than Rafa! He is a great appointment but will have a hard job re-building a squad as he only has Johnson, Carra, Gerrard and Reina who are up to the job. Torres will hardly play. Mascherano will leave. The rest of the squad need selling!

Posted 13:16 14th July 2010

Kevin Dew (Chelsea fan) says...

i think roy hodgson will do a good job at for torres he can stay where he is. we dont need to buy someone who is injuried.especialy when they want 50 million,stupid money.

Posted 13:13 14th July 2010

Geraint Hembrow (Liverpool fan) says...

roy is a sound appt. its wot the club needs and him i think. not the most decorated manger but passion for the game is second to none. get the yanks out with the dead wood players who cost millions and wudnt b able to get in 2 the pub team, judgement will be made this time 2 years frm nw as it will take that long to get the team he wants and new owners in.

Posted 19:48 13th July 2010

Mick Turnbull (Sunderland fan) says...

You know what, reading these comments from this Liverpool lot seem to think they have a divine right to be talked up in the same context as Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal. Well, let's get one thing perfectly clear - once upon a time when Shanks was alive, they had an exceptional team. Shanks' spirit never died throughout countless regimes but this last few years Liverpool Football Club have become very ordinary, very ordinary indeed. So much so that they can no longer command a regular Champions League slot and maybe, after the negativity that Hodgson will throw into the mix, a Europa place may well be out of the question as well. Hodgson will NOT make this side any better and signings such as Figueroa and Scharner may well be what you deserve. You reds from Liverpool have got one long season ahead and any blues fans from up the road will realise that this is the season when the tables are turned

Posted 17:23 12th July 2010

John Roberts (Liverpool fan) says...

Come on Hodgson!! I will not say a bad word until i see how the side develops. I totally agree with everyones comments how we need a top manager. Top managers cost more money. We are a club struggling through financial crisis with no current buyer. For me Hodgson could be the ideal man to get us through a difficult period and help strengthen the squad. Help us keep hold of good players and also bring in some extra strength and depth to the team on a budget. Lets just face it we've got a difficult start to the season facing us and we needed a manager. A club without one is lost and would struggle. If we wanted a top manager we would have been best holding onto Rafa, even though his tactics became predictable and somewhat lost with the limited depth in the team. Finance is the key aspect and I say give Hodgson a chance. I feel he would judge players on their ability and is more than capable, look at his fulham signings. Not world class but good solid players. Get back to the solid back four with hardworking wingers and don't be fooled in spending big in the summer unless we have the financial backing.

Posted 13:23 12th July 2010

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