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Right man, right time

Right man, right time

Phil Thompson believes Roy Hodgson is the right man to lead Liverpool back into a top four position.

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Yiannis Tsioukanis (Liverpool fan) says...

Roy Hodgson has the ability to do a good job but he'll be on the back foot with the other contendors have more spending power and not the instability. If we can't keep Gerrard then take the money and buy Ozil from Werder Bremen, he's only 21 and all class plus being German he's disciplined. Good luck Roy and hope you get the time esp if new owners come in!!!! Go the mighty Reds!!!

Posted 21:07 3rd July 2010

Gareth O' hanlon (Liverpool fan) says...

i think roy is a great choice for liverpool at this time. when you look at what he did with fulham the last couple of seasons he showed he can get the best out of player's.. as a liverpool fan all my life i wish him all the best and really hope he can put us back where we belong...gud luck roy YNWA

Posted 19:27 3rd July 2010

Lee Gorge (Liverpool fan) says...

i personaly didnt want roy but listening to his press interview have changed my mind all us real lfc fans should give him a chance we all no the mess our club is in but if we keep el ninio an stevie we need 4 good players an with the rumours ov certain players being linked with us its all looking a bit brighter u never no we might still get sold watch 4 big nws in next few weeks lfc4life

Posted 14:56 3rd July 2010

Carl Smith (Liverpool fan) says...

I am delighted with the appointment of Roy Hodgson. He really is the right man for us at this point. Just look how he handled his first press conference...he actually answered the questions honestly and openly with great integrity and he clearly understands what needs doing. Roy will quickly get the support of the players and bring a more cohesive team spirit with a focussed ambition. I am confident he will do a great job of building us back up. I believe we are very close to being sold and am hopeful it will be to owner(s) that have commitment to the clubs future in line with our loyal fans expectations. Support LFC Share Liverpool at St Georges Hall tomorrow at noon. The World Cup has shown us what team spirit can achieve its not just having the most expensive players!! & Roy will galvanise our squad to compete for a Champions League place. Lets get right behind him!! Come on you reds!!

Posted 14:45 3rd July 2010

John Cavendish (Liverpool fan) says...

As a fan for over 30 years I am pleased with the appointment of Roy Hodgson. He has a difficult task ahead of him but we all need to get behind the team, the fact that this has to be said shows what a state Rafa left this club in. I want to see players who are proud to put on the shirt. If the likes of Gerrard, Torres etc are having to question whether they want to be at the club then get rid of them. I want to see the team full of people who want to be there and are willing to give 100% all of the time on and off the field. No person is bigger then Liverpool FC and its about time some of the players started to eunderstand that.

Posted 13:20 3rd July 2010

Simon Joicey (Liverpool fan) says...

People seen to be forgetting that the Liverpool team last season was the same team who pushed Man Utd to the league all of the way two seasons ago (apart from the sale of one key player). The thing that let Liverpool down last season was that the players lost faith in Rafa after losing twice in the first few games of the season. Second the man has no people skills. Thirdly tatics and the fact he always got it wrong because he was so negative. If Roy gets the tactics rights and tries to play some attacking football, then we certainly got enough good players to beat anyone in the league. Its not the end of the world if Torres and Gerrard go. Torres is never fit and Gerrard...he's been threatening to leave the club for years! No player is bigger than Liverpool football club and if they want to go... let them go and we'll get decent money for them! There was a time and place when Liverpool fc sold the player and not the player ever wanting to leave the club (like it is at Man utd). Come on Roy, nows your chance to manage a real football club.

Posted 13:13 3rd July 2010

Dave Williams (Liverpool fan) says...

This is a great appointment, Roy seems to be a 'football man' in the truest sense. I'm sure he'll help us out of this mess. Let's get behind him and our team, so we can get back to the top - where we belong!

Posted 11:03 3rd July 2010

Tim Hills (Liverpool fan) says...

This guy has experience and more importantly is English, how many times do we hear the big clubs need to give an Englishman a chance at top level? Just read the opinions of the English media! Blackburn he got to 7th and Fulham to a european final, the state LFC are in we're lucky to have him even at 2m! Give him support and he will steady this sinking ship with or without Stevie & El Nino, the world cup has proved we can win without overpaid prima dona players living on reputation, good luck Roy

Posted 01:38 3rd July 2010

Liam Ravenscroft (Liverpool fan) says...

we need to give roy a chance look how well he done at fulham last season he was voted manager of the year last season.he was just what we needed at this time and hopefully he can do the same to us as he done to fulham get us to the final Y.N.W.A

Posted 21:54 2nd July 2010

Jay Alexander (Liverpool fan) says...

Give him a chance, time will tell what he can do for Liverpool FC. If King Kenny said he is good for the club then I am behind Roy. WELL COME TO LIVERPOOL FC!!!!

Posted 20:51 2nd July 2010

Anthony Charman (Liverpool fan) says...

I don't think Liverpool as a squad are in the mess everybody suggests. Liverpool came second a year ago and were the best team in the league by a mile. We do need a couple of quality players and to get rid of some of the average players - Insua, Kyrgiakos, Ngog, Degan, El Zhar, Spearing. These players are not good enough for Liverpool and never will be. Signing Joe Cole would be an excellent signing. Aquilani should have a better year, Babel, Riera should now be able to play more as well and Pacheco, Nemeth, Kelly etc are promising players. Last year was a blip. We have been a consistent top 4 team recently and we are a massive club!!!!! We obviously need new owners............

Posted 20:42 2nd July 2010

Stevie Jones (Liverpool fan) says...

just remember shankly won nothing until he came to liverpool could be history repeating itself come on royyyyyyyy

Posted 18:21 2nd July 2010

Simon Jones (Arsenal fan) says...

He ia a good man and manager with international experience, also english to boot. He has done wonders with clubs with little money and is in the mould of previous British mangers who have managed liverpool. Get rid of the expensive flops get a mixture of good loans deals etc. Good appointment.

Posted 18:09 2nd July 2010

Jameel Wilson (Liverpool fan) says...

he is a great choice and knows about football he should bring in mata and higuain and a left back and should sell degen and reira and masherano maybe then gerrard and aqualin in the middle

Posted 17:50 2nd July 2010

Adam Ahern (Liverpool fan) says...

i think roy should take his money buy one good striker that would work well with torres and get some goals

Posted 16:09 2nd July 2010

Stephen R (Manchester United fan) says...

Am in the only non liverpool fan that is slightly worried about the goings on at Anfield, whilst we are mocking the appointment of hodgson and licking our lips at the thought of Torress and Gerrard leaving Liverpool, take a back seat and listen to the comments that have been made by all the right people. First of all we have every ex pro in the game, saying this is a great appointment, there is also the added advantage of no pressure whatsoever on Roy Hodgson. Not once, have we heared the phrase title challange, therefore this time, Liverpool actually know where they stand! Not one agent, or club, has come out and said, Torress is going here, Gerrard is going there, neither player has said tehy are wanting to leave. Then we have Martin Broughton, saying he is hoping the club will be bought out by the end of August. Now please, what club appoints a new manager on a 3 year deal, not knowing who owns the club. Therefore i beleive, Liverpool do have a new owner, and its this new owner that has put Hodgson in place. As for the owner, well, you dont expect Liverpool to get it wrong twice do you? Mark my words, as a United fan, looking at our finances, Liverpool have had a lucky escape, i fear if Liverpool do get new owners, similar to the City owners, then Liverpool will dominate, they have reputation, tradition, fan base, and a side which lets face it, finsihed second only a season before last.

Posted 15:07 2nd July 2010

Paul Watts (Liverpool fan) says...

i think we should give Roy a chance get Gerrard and Torres to stay they owe us for last season they didnt perform to there best come on you reds.

Posted 14:53 2nd July 2010

Chris S (Manchester United fan) says...

Who do you think he will bring in? Dempsey maybe? Zamora?

Posted 14:32 2nd July 2010

Patrick Bateman (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I think he's a good short-term appointment to steady the ship, but to think that Hodgson will lead Liverpool back to the top 4 is pie in the sky stuff. City, Spurs and Villa all have bigger budgets than Liverpool, and with no Champions League football to offer they could really struggle. For example, why would Joe Cole join Liverpool when Arsenal and Spurs can offer him Champions League football and better wages?

Posted 14:26 2nd July 2010

Becca Mcdermott (Liverpool fan) says...

Come on fans! we are Liverpool football club. Get behind Roy. And belive that anything can happen. We want A top 4 finish, but i belive if roy can bring in the right players and keep stevie and nando glory awaits us... once we get the yanks out were good to go! Come on you reds. YNWA. IN ROY I TUST!

Posted 14:12 2nd July 2010

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