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Right man, right time

Right man, right time

Phil Thompson believes Roy Hodgson is the right man to lead Liverpool back into a top four position.

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Peter Richey (Liverpool fan) says...

You have to love all the would be managers comments. From the sublime to the ridiculous. The past is past, we are where we are and Roy is the manager. It would really help if the 'I told you so' crowd cleared right off...You will only be happy when your club is dead and buried...but still call yourselves LFC fans. I'm sure your own careers are littered with acheivements that the rest of us can only dream of!!......get a grip, losers, and start supporting your club.

Posted 14:08 2nd July 2010

Carl Powell (Newcastle United fan) says...

Brian Healy (Arsenal fan) . . . . I would totally disagree with that, i would say that award has already been taken, by Sir Bobby! As for Roy Hodgson, yeah done well with Fulham but apart from that, not much. All we can do is wait and see, this is English football and i think we all know, anything can happen.

Posted 14:01 2nd July 2010

Steve N (Liverpool fan) says...

After Broughton's comments regarding the two muppets having stepped aside, and cannot now influence the sale of the club. As well as Hodgson's arrival, i can't help feel we are turning a corner. it's sounding like the sale may well be completed end of July, maybe August. there is the promise of finace for a new stadium "no finance for stadium, no club" again something Broughton clearly mentioned. There has been mixed response to Hodgson's arrival, 'Good man' - 'Yes man' - 'No silverware' - 'loads of experience' etc. etc. I say he has to be given time. From what i've read he certaintly wont 'WASTE' money on transfers, he appears to be farily shrewd in that sense. I'm hoping his style of football, is more attacking than we have seen for some years, i would like to see the shackles off our players, and place them in positions they are best suited too. if SG & FT feel it's best to move on, then so be it (although of course i want them to stay) if Masch wants out then not a problem for me at all!. keep Kuyt, Beny, Riera, Reina, Let Babel have some pitch time for a season. i like Insua, i think the lad will develop, cant comment on the others mentioned i.e. kelly, pacheo etc as i don't know to much about them at all. J cole? i think it's all about the wage packet for him, he may be a good player, but is that the attitude we need at the club. I feel cautiously optimistic regarding positive changes over the next couple of years. Forget talk of 'CL' or 'top 4' next season, very unlikely to happen. Lets at least give the man a chance.

Posted 14:00 2nd July 2010

Ali Weir (Liverpool fan) says...

Yet again we are critiscing a man before he has even started the job in hand. Hodgson is a good appointment for the club at the current time. NOT morally corrupt to work for those cowboys! NOT a Yes Man! A football man! So get off your high horses and support him. Would King Kenny have become morally un acceptable overnight if he became manager? I doubt it!! It seems that the wish to manage a great club with awfull owners makes you a bad person, according to some!! Hodgson is a great man manager with a proven track record. Remove the dead wood from the team and utilise the money to invest in new players, come on the board for once put YOUR money where your mouth is and make the sales money available to RH. We must keep Stevie and Nando, looks like Masch on his way but would have happened anyway IMO, so 25 million plus to spend to replace him, not a bad start. Rafa started well and faded with the exception of a second place finish, which to be fair was a Prem win thrown away due to tactically bad decisions. These decisions continued with multiple poor purchases , poor sales (Xabi), bad man management (Babel, Nando, Stevie, Riera), poor selection policy (Lucas etc) and poor substitutions (Nando at Brum!!). Time was up along time ago! Reality must now begin. Hodgson to get us climbing the table and then new owners before Xmas, it's all I want for Christmas don't know about you?. A Kopite with a red heart. Board OUT - Back Roy - YNWA - JFT96

Posted 13:47 2nd July 2010

Alan Mccarthy (Liverpool fan) says...

kop out,dis is where the yanks have taken our beloved liverpool nothing against roy he worked wonders at fulham ,its sad to see us having te bring in a manager that hasnt won anything in my eyes to stedy the ship sorry day for the club ,hes going te need all the support he can get so can we jst get behind him and the players this season cmon liverpool

Posted 13:40 2nd July 2010

Mario Vella (Liverpool fan) says...

All that Liverpool need is a buyer who loves football !

Posted 13:15 2nd July 2010

Jim Nickell (Plymouth Argyle fan) says...

What is the obsession with his CV. Doesn't look that good to me. Two very limited international teams, several small club teams (success with Malmo....who?) with limited success and two (very short) spells at Inter where he won nothing. In fact one spell was as a caretaker only. I think his most notable achievement at Inter was selling a very poor Dutch guy called Bergkamp, what did he ever do? I hope he does well and everyone seems to like him. Liverpool should be up there a challenging with the top teams!!

Posted 12:58 2nd July 2010

Kieran Smith (Liverpool fan) says...

Without money to spend (and lot's of it) Hodgson will struggle to succeed at Liverpool, as would any other manager. Liverpool have fallen way behind in the Premier League, with the likes of Manchester City and Chelsea seemingly having money to burn. City have already spent £50 million plus which signals their intent. Can Liverpool seriously hope to compete with a supposed transfer kitty of £15 million?

Posted 12:52 2nd July 2010

Emmanuel Samson (Liverpool fan) says...

I feel that's a right move the club has made in a long period of time. Some might think the club is heading down the table but it's a great move, Roy just needed a bigger club to manage for him to show his capabilities and for that Liverpool was his destination. Redknapp used to be at Westham, Southampton, Pompey and now because he is at a greater club than previous ones, he is proving his worth with the names he found there and also the support he got from the Spurs board, so why not the same for an intelligent figure like Roy who worked miracle against all odds with his average squad at Fulham, even Mourinho started at small clubs before going to Chelsea and others to follow, so in Roy I Trust!!!!!!

Posted 12:42 2nd July 2010

Stephen Carter (Liverpool fan) says...

now we got a manager we need to start on the tranfer list and get joe cole on a free then two more players, but the main thing is to get new buyers in asap then we can buy top player and compete with the other three

Posted 12:23 2nd July 2010

Rox Gilmore (Liverpool fan) says...

He is the right Man

Posted 11:59 2nd July 2010

Derek Griffiths (Liverpool fan) says...

We have to have a half full glass. Hodgson deserves a chance and I am sure he believes he can contribute. We may be in new hands in the next month or so. I will be at the ground giving my support and I trust we will retain the RIGHT players

Posted 11:48 2nd July 2010

Colm Magee (Liverpool fan) says...

I cant believe how easily fooled some of my fellow supporters are.I have nothing against Roy Hodgson he seem to be avery decent guy but he will be a yes man no matter what Judas Purslow directs them to and anyone who believes Broughton that we dont ned to sell Stevie and Nando are living n a fools pardise how else are we to pay the interest on the debt which JUdas negogiated at as rate of 14% considering that base rates are at 0.5% and Libor around 3% this is a margin of 11% and also If Broughton thinks that the two carpetbeggars are going to walk away without a hughe profit hes living in a fairytale land but then why would he worry for years hes been running a bankrupt airline.I just hope Roy doesnt get caught in the middle becuase he does not deserve that Two Carpetbeggars Chelsea Supporter Broughton Judas Purslow Rbs YOU ARE NOT WELLCOME GO NOW

Posted 11:35 2nd July 2010

David Brown (Liverpool fan) says...

Who was Fergusion when he took over ManU was sucessful in the Scotish league. Wenger made his name in Japan don't write of Roy at least give him time before making a judgement.

Posted 11:31 2nd July 2010

David Pethard (Liverpool fan) says...

I cant belive an Arsenal fan is putting liverpool down as "not a big club". Arsenal spend no money on players, they are in huge debt because of the stadium so they cant spend anyway, and they havn't done anything for years....they pass the ball around nicely and people like to watch them but there soft and they too have had there moment in the sun! Roy Hodgson will have £15m to spend reportedly as Thomo has said there...sell one or two from the fringe such as Babel, Riera, Benayoun (preferably not) and Lucas and suddenly thats £30m plus... Re-invest that in a striker and winger and we will be back in the mix no question...If i was Arsenal i would be wondering why yet another top name (Overmars, Petit, Viera, Henry, Hleb) was looking to get out of a club with no on field ambition. Hodgson will improve the football and the harmony in the squad...that alone is something to look forward to as a red after last year. And Arsenal fans should finished 11 points of the leaders...well despite our train wreck of a season we were only 12 of you.

Posted 11:10 2nd July 2010

Matt Hutchinson (Liverpool fan) says...

I agree with all points made below, things have to be put into perspective however, all the 'hollywood managers' demand huge salaries, quite simply we cannot afford it. Roy Hodgson will play simple football to acheive the objective, champions league football. Will this happen this season, we wait and see, unfortunatley the reality is, it will take 2 - 5 years to get what all fans want from 20 years ago, MINIMUM, if it ever happens. Theses cowboys have to go, but do not allow the highest bidders to buy, they have to understand the club first and foremost. Not an overly optimistic comment i know like I say its the reality. YNWA!!!

Posted 11:03 2nd July 2010

Robert Ocaya (Liverpool fan) says...

I am not very familiar with this Roy fella but I do hope he improves our beloved club.From what I have read,I do hope he will do a great job. My fear is the persistent lack of funds for squad strengthening. What I think about Liverpool is that it is current suffering from the same 'disease' as England. Lack of Talents! Money can get us that,the coach can help us build some. Good luck Roy.

Posted 10:49 2nd July 2010

Dylan Bailey (Liverpool fan) says...

Mark my words.. Liverpool will soon be bought out by an Arab consortium in relation to the sheikh that owns Manchester city.. Good times await for liverpool football club..

Posted 10:20 2nd July 2010

Mark James (Liverpool fan) says...

Roy Hodgson may not be a Galactico manager but i think this is good for the club at the moment. I dont think hes a 'Yes man' as people are saying, and i believe we will keep Gerrard and Torres. At the end of the day although we only have a limited budget at the moment, we surely could raise the best part of £50 million by selling the likes of Babel,N'gog and the likes. If Mascherano wants to go then no problem, that should get us £30 million, and provided the owners do as they say and allow all money from sales to go towards new players then that shouldnt be too bad a transfer kitty. All in all we just have to give him time, personally for me, the minute Rafa sub'd Torres in the Birmingham match when we needed a win , was the minute i knew he had to go. Oh, and if anyone says Hodgson is a negative manager, sometimes at small clubs you have to stop the opposition scoring before thinking of scoring yourself. But hes not at a small club now is he, hes at Liverpool, and will have the most talented players hes ever had, lets just see what the style of football is before we cast the first stone so to speak. YNWA C'Mon ROY!!!! :)

Posted 10:19 2nd July 2010

Paul Reid (Liverpool fan) says...

i think if roy can keep torres and gerrard ,sell mascherano for 35 million,and get arda turan and benzema ,we'll get back in the top 4 next season i just av a feelin liverpool will get tookover in next two months then we'll spend like city ,its wat lfc deserves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 10:07 2nd July 2010

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