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Dicing with danger

Dicing with danger

Phil Thompson says Man Utd will come unstuck at Schalke if they let the hosts play on the counter-attack.

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Saemundur Amundason (Manchester United fan) says...

Having seen both teams away from home in the CL this season I predict a great game with both teams keeping 8 players on their side of the half way line and Hernandez and Raul huffing and puffing alone up front. Yes, and Van Der Saar will get the ball on the 53rd minute.

Posted 16:54 26th April 2011

Ajay 2023 (Manchester United fan) says...

3-1 to United!

Posted 13:59 26th April 2011

Greg Bishop (Wycombe Wanderers fan) says...

Find it hard to see Man U getting anything out of this leg having seen Schalke play in Europe this season. I suspect Schalke will just be too strong for them. If Man U can escape with a 2-1 or even 3-1 loss, they'll have a good chance to claw back the deficit in the home tie, but I fear Schalke will have it tied up after one leg like they did against Inter. The Premier League has been a shadow of its former self this year, and I suspect had they been playing a team other than Chelsea in the last round, they would have gone out at the quarters. I hope I'm wrong. My prediction is 3-0 Schalke.

Posted 13:10 26th April 2011

Chris Devine (Manchester Utd) (Manchester United fan) says...

I feel an early United goal will see the Germans try to attack and get hit for 2 or 3 goals. so 2-0 United!

Posted 10:08 26th April 2011

Chips Kriss (Manchester United fan) says...

Why is nobody saying the obvious.. United could be done with this tonight.... There is no comparison between the teams or manager. 4-0 to Utd

Posted 09:39 26th April 2011

Paul Ekpo (Manchester United fan) says...

With Man United's impressive away clean sheet (and unbeaten in this season's CL), I see them taking a slight victory (1 - 0) like they did Valencia & Chelsea

Posted 09:38 26th April 2011

Faizan Hameed (Manchester United fan) says...

I'm expecting a dull 0-0 draw in the first leg, very similiart to the Marasielle draw, but at home, it will probably along the lines of a 2-0 victory for united.

Posted 03:13 26th April 2011

Adrian Mclaughlin (Manchester United fan) says...

phil, have u not seen united in europe away from home, cause to my recollection we do not dominate possession of the football the way we used to in years previous so there is no fear schalke wil hit us on the counter attack, fergie is more tactically aware now since workin wit quieroz, we wil sit in and see how the game develops, gone are the days were we were gung ho and tried to win both legs, so i anticipate a performance like per norm ie valencia and rangers (both away from home i may add) and leavin tomorrow night wit a positive result

Posted 00:02 26th April 2011

Salil Rabade (Manchester United fan) says...

Just dont see Schalke scoring.United 2-0

Posted 20:52 25th April 2011

Dylan Rai (Manchester United fan) says...

i know manchester untied are great compared to schalke but with farfan and raul i worry for them sliightly. i completely agree with you that if they udnerestimate schalke and attack then they will be hit on the counter attack and players like raul only need half a yard and half a chance to punish you. i hope vidic and ferdinand start and stop any possible balls getting to raul as he will just lurk around the box waiting for a mistake to capitalise on. but manchester united should be able to win this tie and i predict a 1-0 win away, and a 2-0 win at home with hernandez scoring twice and nani getting the other in the home leg

Posted 16:16 25th April 2011

Nati Tekle (Manchester United fan) says...

Good analysis,but i believe Man Utd will get thier tactics right and come away with a 2-1 win. Man Utd have the players to neutralize Schalke. All are fit and most were rested on saturday so they will have the energy to battle them on thier own field.

Posted 14:51 25th April 2011

Sal Ahmed (Manchester Utd) (Manchester United fan) says...

Schalke are a very good side, but having seen them get outplayed by Kaiserslautern at home on Friday, I think United can get atleast a score draw out of this. Their only downfall could be themselves when they lost concentration last year and got defeated 2-1 by Bayern last year...

Posted 14:26 25th April 2011

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