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More of the shame

More of the shame

Thommo expects more negativity and more sad scenes when El Clasico resumes on Tuesday.

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Rahmat Rahimi (Barcelona fan) says...

I think this is a very taugh game and Real Madrid will try to work on encouter attack in order not to concede goal and defend well. When get the ball send it through to the forward and this is their approach to the game. I wish it will be a good game and the deserved team go to the final that I think it is FCB.

Posted 21:03 2nd May 2011

Jonathan Jurado (Barcelona fan) says...

I think that Thomo has some facts wrong... reports in spain are that Mourinho is planning to go for the game and attack. He'll apparently play four strikers... those including Ronaldo, Di Maria, Ozil and Benzema... rather than Adebayor which Thommo mentioned. Madrid have defensive probems of themselves with both Ramos and Pepe suspended. whilst Barca have been boosted with the return of their key midfielder Andres Iniesta, who scored the goal which ultimately put Barca into the Final of the Champions Leauge two years ago in Rome. Mourinho will see his side knocked out of the Champions League from the stands as he is also suspended and cant sit on the bench. Barca to go through... around 2-0 or 3-1, I say.

Posted 16:11 2nd May 2011

Darren Jones (Liverpool fan) says...

We can complain about the diving and what not and boast about how great the EPL is, however it's obvious that on football skill Barca, and possibly Real are a million miles ahead of anything we've got in our league.

Posted 16:07 2nd May 2011

Cesar Pena (Malaga fan) says...

There are players that fake in all the world, Nani, Ronaldo, Di Maria, etc, but saying that because of that the premier league is better is going to far, Totenham has lost to Madrid without effort, Arsenal was also inferior to Barca, is true that his chances were diminish by a sent off to V. Persie, but the rule is that kicking the ball after the referee whistle is second yellow, and nobody dare to say that Arsenal was the better team of the 2, but the final test to prove which league is best is in the final, if MU past of course(is almost sure theyll do)

Posted 14:34 2nd May 2011

Aydan Macmillan (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I know that Spanish football has always been over exaggerated when it comes to a foul or simulation but it's rife in every country. The worst case i have seen was either Gerrard's dive in the late minutes of the Champions League or Busquet's comical actions in most games. The more annoying thing about these players is that they are at such a high level and so talented that most of the time they so not even need to go to ground. If Di Maria stayed on his feet more he would be quality but he falls at the slightest contact. It's a shame really because it looks like it's only going to get worse.

Posted 14:14 2nd May 2011

Aron Rowe (Aston Villa fan) says...

All I would say Phil is never count out Mourinho, his tactics are likely to start the same with a 4-5-1/ 4-3-3 counter attacking style much as he has played for career. BUT he is famous for being able to turn a game on its head with a couple of changes if things arent going his way. I do think Barcelona will go through but by no means will it be an easy game for them or comfortble as Phil is suggetsing its going to be an interesting game in which Mourinho will pull out a few surprises. E expect a 2-1 barca win but you never know with Jose it wouldnt surprise me if he went to the nou camp and got a result

Posted 13:31 2nd May 2011

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