Consistency the key

Consistency the key

Bob Willis believes James Anderson needs to come of age and start paying back the selectors' loyalty.

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Adam Ray says...

Bob is right in the fact that Anderson does need to find consistency, but even Jimmy has stated that, he knows it and is working on it, it doesn't seem to be a thing a bowler like he can just click his fingers and find, but whilst he is doing that he is and will always be a threat. Personally I have always felt Jimmy deserves a place, I want him to do well, and I want him to have all the time to get his consistency sorted out because he is one of the best bowlers in the world when he gets it right But with the team as it is with just 3 seamers, I would leave Anderson out if we could get Simon Jones or Flintoff in for the SA games, I would probably choose Jones at the moment, he has been out and has shown great character to do so well coming back into cricket, Flintoff did about average on his return, Jones deserves the nod over Freddie.

Posted 12:56 18th May 2008

Paul Govier says...

i think Jimmy should be playing... yes he has had many chances but injury always seems stop a long run in the side. The batsmen all get a fair go so I hope Jimmy gets a long run in the team. Bob metiond about Panesar only being 26 and has time to improve. Jimmy is only 25(nearly 26) ...... also Hoggard, Harmison and Freddie didn't start firing for England until they were a similar age so i think he deserves his chance to play. Like bob says there's no need for Hoggard and Siddebottom in the team and even Hoggard would agree Ryan is playing outstanding. Hoggard has been unlucky, agreed but look at the Australians they're always ruthless with selections whether this one is right time will tell but u have to look to the future of team.

Posted 00:57 17th May 2008

Abdul Moiz says...

I totally agree with Bob Wills that its pay back time for James Anderson, Everybody knows how talented James Anderson is but the problem with him is that he wants to do so many things in one over what he have to learn is to be bit more patient and should have A, B & C plans to get the batsman out or not let him score freely by bowling good line or length. James Anderson have the ability to swing the new ball with pace the things he should work on is control and secondly which is most important is the mental strength at times he lose his concentration. If he wants to be successfull at this level on consistent basis he has to delvelop a habit to think about the game on the feet because it was your mental strength which will help you during the tough times. Another thing he work on is swing the old ball specially reverse and the best place is to do that is work hard in the nets.

Posted 13:15 15th May 2008

Dan Smith says...

Anderson appears to be coming in for a lot of stick, when to be fair, on recent performances he's no worse than Hoggard. I personally, wouldn't have either of them near the side. The selectors seem fascinated with going back to tried and tested 'has-beens'. Yes Hoggard and Anderson have had glory moments, but top level sport is all about 'what-have-you-done-lately', and these two have done nothing to warrant a Test call up. They'll be bringing back Darren Gough next.

Posted 11:59 15th May 2008

Chris W says...

If they are going on form you can't argue with them picking Anderson. If you saw him bowl with Freddie against Durham last week he was great. Just hope he can continue this in the test arena.

Posted 11:49 15th May 2008

Joe Carroll says...

Test after test, year after year, Anderson is for some unkonwn reason in the selector's mind, Why? Does he hold some dark secret over them? his performances certainly do not warrant selection. How much swing are they expecting at Lords anyway? As Bob says so many of his sessions are 'rubbish'

Posted 17:49 14th May 2008

Wilhlem Holm says...

Hoggard and Sidebottom are too similar and neither particularly fast. Hoggies coming towards the end of his international career too, so against New Zealand there is no doubt a younger bowler should play. Let Jimmy find his rhythm, hes not started the season so badly.

Posted 14:09 14th May 2008

Ed Heywood says...

Absolutely ridiculous decision. Fair enough dropping Hoggy in New Zealand, too give him a wake up call, bur Anderson is NOT an international class bowler. i just hope the selectors see the error of their ways before the South Africans get here.

Posted 13:14 14th May 2008

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