The fun of the flair

The fun of the flair

The formbook says Australia but can Pakistan pull off a World T20 shock, wonders Bob Willis.

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Ali Danish says...

Pakistan is only team who give Australia a tough time in this 20-20, only luck was not there. England is hot favourite this year, Keiswetter is attacking stylish batsman.... i love to watch it..............

Posted 22:10 15th May 2010

James Mcvey says...

England better win the icc world 20-20

Posted 15:03 14th May 2010

Rukhsar Ahmed says...

come on pakistan you can do it boom boom afridi

Posted 14:31 14th May 2010

Fergus Welsh says...

Pakistan can and will beat Australia. I think 20/20 is Pakistans strongest form of the game and like you said, Afridi owes someone a gubbing. The Akmals also seem to thrive on aggressive bowling and in this tournament, i think their best knocks have been when they are under pressure from an aggressive bowler like Tait. I don't think I could stomach it if the Aussies got to the final annd somehow beat England. I think England have good momentum going into this and they're due a Tournie win. COME ON ENGLAND DO IT! Not all Jocks hate you!

Posted 11:43 14th May 2010

Andrew Connor says...

Just to clear up, England arent undefeated, they lost there first game against the West Indies! But other than that we have looked good, infact we looked good against the west indies too!! SO come on england, whoever we play against if we perform like we have been doing then we have a great chance!

Posted 11:26 14th May 2010

Connor Young says...

Whoever wins out of the two England will still dominate with Craig Kieswetter and now KP is back England have no worries!

Posted 08:52 14th May 2010

Shona Khan says...

i think pakistan will win!!! inshallah they will win! :D :D GOOO PAKISTAN!

Posted 08:22 14th May 2010

Adam Whiteley says...

well if this tournement has shown us anything, its shown us anything is possable, and of course pakistan can win, there defending champions, so they dont have to "pull it off" at all, they already have done in the past, so why not now. i hope australia make it though, so england can thump them too

Posted 07:54 14th May 2010

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