Comedy of terrors

Comedy of terrors

Bob Willis wonders whether to laugh or cry after England's tortuous World Cup win over the West Indies.

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Adrian Page says...

Why was Tremlett ever selected? Whilst he's a good bowler, given his 6ft8 or summit and bangs it in short what is his benefit on the slow, low bouncing sub continent pitches? he was always gonna get tonked in my opinion

Posted 22:25 18th March 2011

Ferdie Koukakis says...

Hi Bob I'm a South African. I don't care about the Kiwis. But I thought you might have been a bit harsh on the upmpire for not giving that catch. I have Sky Sports Hd4 and I recon it looked pretty much like the ball slid on the ground from that angle. "Benifit of the doubt?"

Posted 21:09 18th March 2011

Des Holman says...

hi Bob I am releived that Luke Wright finally gets the chance to play a full part in a game.Throughout the winter l thought he was there merely to carry the drinks out and to sub for the rest of the side.In other matches in which he has played, Luke has only lifted the blade,so it was refreshing to see the ball thrown to him,this could be done more often if another bowler is not performing or a different approach is needed to get the breakthrough the team desire. Anyway well done to the team this winter, and thanks to them also for providing the game of cricket with such nailbiting entertainment. Looking forward to the next England game in this thrilling world cup.

Posted 17:14 18th March 2011

Martin Hicks says...

Hi Bob - I agree with you that the selection was brave to bring in 3 (4 including Morgan) players short of match practice and 2 of them delivered. I agree with you that we need a new opener as Prior is a better player down the order and would struggle to get into most teams as an opener. The question is who should replace him? I am in favour of leaving our middle order axis of Trott, Bell and Morgan where they are rather than the disruption of moving them all up one. Bopara and Wright failed in 20 X 20 but were too frenetic and the longer form of the game could calm them down. Bopara is my choice as he will pierce the field by hitting over the top which Bell and Trott rarely do.

Posted 11:26 18th March 2011

David Mckeown says...

Bob, we've seen that you need two things to win consistently on the sub continent- wicket taking , strike pace bowlers who bowl full and straight and take the pitch out of the equation , and middle and lower order batsmen who can hit sixes and finish off an innings. Unfortunately we have neither. Our swathe of medium pacers who persist on bowling length like their at Headingly , and our insipid , nurdling batsmen ain't gonna cut it. We play such much cricket Bob- with the county treadmill are we going to produce a rapid thrilling bowler ever again ?

Posted 10:45 18th March 2011

Ali Karrar says...

hi isnt it time for england toget rid of these old guys blend in some young blood like asian sides do isnt time for england to just bring couple of youngster 18 or 19 year old this side looks tierd depends on 3 players to d0 .its time for prior to go paul collingwood , morgan should bat higher it takes time for him to kick off more time he can hurt sides steven davies should come back adil rashid also england will get hammard if they come up against the aus or sirilankan side it will be waiste if they dont compete

Posted 00:11 18th March 2011

Sean Webb says...

I totally agree about the umpires, they had a great game bbetween them. Glad to hear the ICC changed the umpires and got the 'form' umpires in for a massive game. However, with the trott catch or 6 incident, which was totally right in my opinion, wouldnt it have been clearer if there was proper normal rope and not those silly advertising triangles? I know the ICC has to get as much of the sponsors in as possible but a proper rope would have been smaller and possibly avioded a contentious moment.

Posted 22:00 17th March 2011

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