Don't talk about Stuart Broad, says Bumble... it's been the same for 35 years

Don't talk about Stuart Broad, says Bumble... it's been the same for 35 years

That was as good an Ashes Test match as I've ever seen. Listening to the players usually gives you a good indication and Alastair Cook said it was the most dramatic game he's ever played in so I would go along with that.

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Derry Cotter says...

Hi David,the chap with the beard is Dermot Edwards from Lismore,Co.Waterford & is in his eighties,he travelled over for the cricket,enjoying the match

Posted 13:00 20th July 2013

Gerry Trueman says...

Why do England play Kevin Peterson? All the times I have seen him play especially in a Test Match his performance has lacked any form of the brilliance a lot of cricket pundits say he has. I can say, personally, in all the matches I have seen him play in, that brilliance has never shone. Probably IPL would suit his style better, but please England drop him as he does us no favours.

Posted 15:15 18th July 2013

Mark Robinson says...

If footballers are told to play to the referees whistle, why shouldn't it be the same in cricket?

Posted 17:11 15th July 2013

Bboy Zzoy says...

Well, Broad did what he was supposed to do. I remeber in a famous test when Australia chased down with Gilchrist's 140-odd not out against Pakistan (1998-99*)... their openers nicked Akram and stayed there!! 12 years later he admitted that he nicked it. They won that match and legend of great Aussies in test arena begins afterwards...

Posted 14:41 15th July 2013

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