Amir formality

Amir formality

Johnny Nelson says Amir Khan won't be concerned after Timothy Bradley beat Devon Alexander.

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Kevin Partridge says...

Spot on! I can see this fight playing out similar to the Maidana fight. Khan will win the fight in the first 7-8 rounds, Bradley might win a few of the later rounds as Khan tires but unlike Maidana, doesn't have the power to genuinely hurt Khan. All Khan has to do is avoid Timmy's headbutts in the early rounds, if so he will win comfortably either by UD or TD.

Posted 14:42 4th February 2011

Marcus Bellinger says...

That fight just showed the state of American boxing Khan will easily beat Bradley, American boxing is on its knees we have so many better fighters than they do.

Posted 19:55 3rd February 2011

Donna Mariveles says...

I think Khan does have something to worry about, aside from Bradley's head. Bradley, IMO, will be able to get inside Khan's jab and rough him up inside, which is his specially and takes away Khan's advantage at range.

Posted 07:45 3rd February 2011

Adam Whiteley says...

i agree, does bradly remind you of anyone? coming forward, wild swings, big hitter but thats about it, hes just a carbon copy of maidana, who is the biggest hitter in the division, and since maidana couldnt put khan away, bradley wont be able to, i think khan is more accurate than alexander aswell, and is twice the speed of him, and speed kills, i dont think bradley will see whats hitting him, as much as people dont like amir, hes here to stay, and he will have no problems in unifying the belts by the end of the year.

Posted 13:08 2nd February 2011

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