Carl Froch is a great fighter, says Johnny Nelson, but Andre Ward will be tough to conquer

Carl Froch is a great fighter, says Johnny Nelson, but Andre Ward will be tough to conquer

Carl Froch performed like a champion on Saturday night - but I still wouldn't back him to beat Andre Ward.

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Fraser Irving says...

It's taken me some time to warm to Froch. Watched nearly all his fights, but I really feel that he is still improving. Should he get the rematch with Ward, I would expect a much closer fight than the first time round. Can't say for sure whether Carl would win, but he started the first fight way too slowly and I doubt he would make the same mistake again. To be honest, I thought the occasion probably got to him a little bit. As far as Kessler goes, I would expect nothing less than a convincing reversal of the first fight, wherever they staged it. Full credit to Carl, he's not avoided any of the key players in the division and (barring the Ward fight) has left everything in the ring. 2013 could be Froch's year of redemption. I'm just not sure yet, but I want to believe.

Posted 23:15 26th November 2012

Les Gardiner says...

Carl Froch is a ver good fighter but Andre Ward is an elite fighter. Over recent years Froch has fought against world class competion but you cannot compare those fighters to Ward. Ward beat Froch convincingly in their last fight and the same would happen in a rematch. Froch would beat Kessler who is well passed his prime; he has never been the same since he was outclassed by Joe Calzaghe.

Posted 20:44 23rd November 2012

Tarun Yadav says...

Froch, cant and wont beat Ward. Besides, after Ward demolishes Pavlik... Ward may just move upto 175lbs.

Posted 14:30 20th November 2012

Connor Smith says...

Ward has barely lost a round in his life. Never been beaten as an amateur or pro. Froch is a great fighter but Ward is an even better boxer than Mayweather. Froch would get dominated even more, Ward broke his hand early on last time. Mack was an average LHW coming down to a weight he hasn't fought at in over 5 years. As good as Froch's performance was, I wouldn't read too much into it. Ward is miles better than Mack.

Posted 12:06 20th November 2012

Nick Berry says...

I usually agree with Johnny but on this one, I see if slightly different. Froch knows it is unlikely Ward will knock him out. Ward does not have the power to KO the Froch granite chin. If Froch approaches Ward with the same tactics as he did against Bute, we may find Ward wanting. Froch would have to take 2 or 3 punches to get inside but then he could go to work. It would not be pretty or styllish but I do think Froch could beat Ward!

Posted 21:55 19th November 2012

Steve Gardiner says...

Spot on Johnny. As much as a Froch fan as i am i just can't see Carl beating Andre Ward. He's too intelligent, technically astute, great on the outside, albeit with an average reach, and can mix it with stronger guys on the inside. Can also take a good punch. He's what you would call the complete fighter. I think it would be great for British Boxing to get him over for a unified showdown but Ward would be leaving with the belts. No disgrace to Carl though, he'll give him a tough fight and i do agree that he'll have Kessler but i can see that being a close fight, even in Nottingham.

Posted 20:27 19th November 2012

Adam Kille says...

Froch is a good solid pro ,but to say he is great is too far. Dont think he would of been able to handle benn and would of ko'd by rnd 5 .....

Posted 18:41 19th November 2012

John Barnes says...

Agree with everything here,Alot of people think Froch can beat Ward just because he beat Mack? He has no chance against Ward

Posted 18:35 19th November 2012

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