'Sad to see Ricky Hatton lose'

'Sad to see Ricky Hatton lose'

It was sad to see Vyacheslav Senchenko stop Ricky Hatton on Saturday night, but in a way it was perhaps the best result for the Hitman.

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Fraser Irving says...

Fair points, Johnny. However, I do think Ricky could have found most of his former abilities with a slightly easier choice of opponent for his comeback. My initial thoughts were that Lee Purdy would have been a fantastic choice, given his recent exposure on Sky, and with all the potential to be a tear-up. Having said that, I guess that however far this comeback might have lasted, I suspect the ending would have been just the same, at some point still prior to winning world honours, and also just as devastating and tragic. Hats off to Ricky. His style of fighting has reinvigorated boxing in the UK and also abroad. To his many adoring fans, he has nothing else to prove in the ring. I sincerely hope that he doesn't disappear inside a bottle, but instead looks back on his boxing career with great pride, and has a successful career in finding, training and promoting the next Ricky Hatton - I forgot, There's Only One Ricky Hatton. Best wishes.

Posted 18:08 28th November 2012

John Smith says...

I hope Ricky got all the answers he wanted on Saturday and he can move on with his life. He has brought hapiness into thousands of peoples lives and he brought people on an amazing journey. I hope he bears this in mind when ever he feels down on his luck in future. All the best Hitman!!

Posted 22:14 27th November 2012

Danny Davis says...

Great write up Johnny. Can't disagree with a single thing that you have said. So many are already talking nonsense about the fight, the outcome and ricky's legacy. Refreshing to read this!

Posted 17:05 26th November 2012

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