Johnny Nelson: Marcos Maidana impressive in win over Adrien Broner

Johnny Nelson: Marcos Maidana impressive in win over Adrien Broner

Adrien Broner is nicknamed the Problem, but he had serious problems with Marcos Maidana's power on Saturday night, as the Argentine took a shock win in San Antonio.

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Phil Cross says...

I think that Kell would be in for a hell of a night with someone like Maidana, if I was Brook i'd go for someone like Paulie Malgnaggi. Big name in the US and it would sell in both countries. Maybe even Zab Judah. Then you could talk about fighting for a title again. I like Kell and I do believe that he will be a world champion but he needs to show that he's got what it takes to fight out of his comfort zone and dominate an opponent that has been there and done it. For me he needs 3 fights this year, 1 against either of the 2 previously mentioned, 2 against a title holder (hopefully win the belt), and 3 against Amir Khan. That for me would be an extremely successful year for the lad.

Posted 12:40 8th January 2014

Paolo B says...

Maidana has done more than enough to be considered well above the stepping stone status you are giving him here. He deserves some big fights now and Brook is not a big fight at the moment. Brook needs to gain some international credentials first.

Posted 21:30 17th December 2013

Tim Mcsweeney says...

Thanks to Johnny Nelson for yet another excellent review. He is the perfect boxing analyst ..... knowledgable, humourous and he has been a World Champion himself!! Well done, Johnny!! By the way, I think Maidana is an excellent fighter. He can bang and has never been stopped. I believe he would knock out, Kell Brook (he was rocked - albeit slightly - in his last fight against a weaker punching opponent than Maidana); but like you I would like to see the fight.

Posted 19:32 16th December 2013

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