Johnny Nelson says Froch-Groves II will eclipse Benn-Eubank rematch

Johnny Nelson says Froch-Groves II will eclipse Benn-Eubank rematch

It was touch and go for a while but Froch-Groves II is on - and it's going to be massive.

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Ben Walsh says...

Completely agree that froch will be more mentally prepared for this fight but groves has his number. Cannot wait for the fight hoping to get tickets great for boxing - in particular British boxing. The point you make regarding ward shows its not about who is the best boxer! Entertainment and coming to fight is what counts and while we are on the matter I respect both boxers massively big respect to both froth and GG. Ben from Burnley

Posted 18:49 17th February 2014

John Martin says...

I could not agree more with Johnny here. I am in the minority that think this fight was stopped before Groves took a pretty sustained barrage however fair play to Groves for putting in the performace he did. If Groves improves on the first fight then he could well do it, he clearly had Carl in trouble however I think Carl will take him out sooner this time. I think his suspect chin will be on show for all to see.

Posted 18:41 17th February 2014

Sam Waggett says...

Let's hope the referee lets a truly wonderful rematch with great potential to finish this time with boxers deciding the results Great show Adam & Johnny professional as always

Posted 18:32 17th February 2014

Aldo Naldo says...

I can't see deep down how Froch can be looking forward to this fight at all? He was visibly annoyed during (and heavily lost) the pre-fight talk and won't be looking forward to all that starting again. He lost the first 6-7 rounds badly and knows he's up against a faster fighter with superior technical ability. The amazing thing despite Froch giving all that away is that the fight is still a genuine 50/50. Groves was cruising and got over confident in the last fight, a sign he is not ready to be a champ yet. If he has learned to control that he may still run out of gas. That will be in Groves mind no matter how well he starts. Beautifully poised rematch.

Posted 17:01 17th February 2014

Danny Davis says...

I don't dispute that Carl MAY have more when it comes to the championship rounds, and that George may have been starting to flag, but next time round, I think George will make it his business to prevent Carl from getting there. Last time out, if the ref had been equal with his treatment of the pair, then Carl should not have been allowed to continue after the knockdown. I think George will work on his endurance and the fact will remain that his power shots to Carl will be more damaging than Carls powershots to him. Regardless of the outcome of the last fight, we know one thing, George can put Carl down, but not the other way round. Who will have more confidence? For me it will be George, as regardless of the fact that Carl won the fight, in Georges mind he did not and it was clear that Carl was the one receiving the punishment for the majority of the fight. Next time round, if George lands that shot again, which he will, Carl will go down again. I mean it was the first round, so nobody was tired, Carl just couldn't take the shot. The difference will be that George will look to capitalise upon it and finish the job, and I would predict that he will put Carl down, and if he gets up, he will be all over him and will look to stop him which for me was all that was missing last time. Styles make fights, and Groves' style is all wrong for Froch. My money will be on Groves again, yet this time, hopefully the referee wont stand between me and my winnings!

Posted 16:58 17th February 2014

Graham Middleton says...

personally i think Groves will learn from the first fight and just outbox Froch which he was doing with great ease. i am a big Froch fan i just think he is not the fighter he was 2 years ago and Groves is getting better and better each fight. changing of the gaurd in my humble opinion.

Posted 16:27 17th February 2014

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