Proteas out, England advance

Proteas out, England advance

Pakistan beat South Africa by 11 runs to end the Proteas' hopes of winning the ICC World Twenty20 in the Caribbean.

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Bakkar Tarkhan says...

Harun yahya you talk a good game i have to give it to you for a second you nearly had me convinced Even though i support pakistan i just cant see them getting close to beating the Aussies whichever department you look at bowling batting fielding they are far far superior i just believe the Aussies have finally adjusted to the T20 format and it will take a miracle to bea themt BUT hey you never know

Posted 09:50 12th May 2010

Fawad Ali says...

I don't understand why South Africa does this in Big tournaments ,some peoples says they Unlucky ,I believe they gets nervous in crucial games as they can play good in starting games when it comes about Semi Final they always brings up Unexpected Result.means i am not surprised with them performance as it happened always in World cup with them.

Posted 14:12 11th May 2010

Harun Yahya says...

Firstly MASSIVE congrats to Pakistan for reaching the semi-finals. They turned it on, when they most needed to & as always theyre reknowned ability to peak just at the right time is showing again. No doubt at all that Aussies are firm favourites closely followed by Eng, then Windies. So that leaves Pak as the underdgos, a tag, they relish unequivocally. Weve seen over recent years Pak display a cool temprement once in the semi-finals & then the final itself. Yet were taking nothing for granted, we could easily get pummeled by the other teams. Yet im sure they are all aware of the prowess Pak carry. On their day they can destroy any team....or themselves. They know theres a lot of hardwork to do yet & I get the feeling theyr flattered, if not slightly embarrsed at their unorthodox route to the semis. They will be taking a long hard look at themselves now & they'll know that any total under 170 is going to be tough to defend against the teams left. They know "catches win matches" & just one catach might turn the game on its head. Its time for the team to step up a gear & put the foot on the gas out Aussies watch out Eng, from now on you'll be playing the "proper Pakistan team"

Posted 09:35 11th May 2010

Richard Glasgow says...

Once again, in a big tournament, the South Africans have failed to live up to expectations. They continue to give credence to the claims that while having arguably the best team on paper, they are ''chokers'' when it matters most.

Posted 00:43 11th May 2010

R T says...

Oh dear, South Africa 'B' are out, guess that just leaves their A team in the competition! I hope this will signal an end to the endless bitter carping on this site...but I doubt it. Come on show us you can lose with good grace, I suspect we won't hear any more from them until we are knocked out. Come on England

Posted 20:46 10th May 2010

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