England soar to T20 glory

England soar to T20 glory

England finally ended their wait for a global one-day trophy with a seven-wicket win over Australia in the final of the ICC World Twenty20.

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Graeme Smith says...

The bigger issue regarding nationality is one of whether this England cricket team is representative of the grass roots development in the game. To say yes would be a lie. The fact is the selectors have opted for a group of players that did NOT learn the game in England from a young age, nationality wise yes call them English if you like, however they are NOT a product of the English cricketing academy, in cricketing terms they ARE South African. What does this say to up and coming youngsters in the system. It says...'Thanks but no thanks', we'll source talent elsewhere.

Posted 19:30 17th May 2010

James Smith says...

Great win but it feels not right with all the South Africans in our team.Only English born and bred should represent our team not half this or half that.

Posted 18:26 17th May 2010

Imran Jazeeb says...

I think england and australia were the two best teams in the competition and england deserved to win it because they were best.I think in the future england is going to be a dominant side and rule world cricket for a long time like aussies and windies did in the past.Morgan is a brilliant talend and he is the key for england's success.well done england and hope they win next year,s world cup as well.

Posted 14:08 17th May 2010

Matt Kland says...

If anything, South Africa should be embarrased that these players are doing well for England but were rejected by the SA selectors.

Posted 13:49 17th May 2010

Gary Ditchfield says...

What seems to be the problem with south african ex pats playing for England, im sure they hold british passports. Dont forget where Kepler Wessels was from, (south Africa) just incase all you Australians forgot. Also, Andrew Symonds, where is he from? ENGLAND, but played for Australia. So please stop finding boring excuses for taking a hammering from England. At least your girlie team won, well done, well done, hope your all Australian ladies

Posted 13:00 17th May 2010

Tony R says...

I was always braced for these comments about the nationality of our players from the masses of bitter cricket fans. Fact is, we live in a multi-cultural world and our country has more to offer than most, which is why people come here to make their lives. It makes me proud that South Africans come here and be accepted into our national side, SA is ridden with horrible politics and its their own fault Petersen doesn't play for them because of it. Lets not forget KP's mum is English so without England he wouldn't exist, he's not a fully fledged South African. The Australian and New Zealand rugby teams take pacific island players all the time and Aus even had a Zimbabwean gregan playing for them for years, as well as andrew symonds in cricket who was born in England. Everyone needs to get over it and accept a good cricket side for being a good cricket side. When we live in a multicultural world this is going to happen, wake up guys, we don't live in the 1920's anymore.

Posted 12:42 17th May 2010

John Mcgeehan says...

Engalnd throughly deserved to win the tournament well done to them.England is a multi Racial country and people from all over the world go to live there and if they are good enough and qualified they are entitled to play for them.As for the Ireland game yes Ireland did well but there was no gurantee they were going to make the total England set for them they were out for less than a hundred aganaist the West Indies so well done England you deserved it you played brilliantly I gave you no chance before the tournament but you proved me wrong

Posted 12:38 17th May 2010

Robert Bronsdon says...

Also, I am not sure Ireland fans have a leg to stand on. sure we didn't beat you but had you played well you would have got through the group stage no? this competition is not based on one result but over the course if many games. England champions and it feels great. About time cricket came home!

Posted 12:37 17th May 2010

Sam Smith says...

Well Done England....a fully deserved win. It also makes a change hearing foreign fans complaining about their teams losing instead of us for once...except for the Irish who moan at losing at everything.

Posted 12:16 17th May 2010

Ibrar Azam says...

Ok they one but half of the team are not ENGLISH had it not been for the SOUTH AFRICANS born Players and the IRISH and INDIAN no way england would have a chance to win the T20 plus the wheather played a big part take out the those players,and they would not win anything. Had any other country played a multi-national team and won any world tournement they would be up roar

Posted 12:15 17th May 2010

Mimi Rohmoser says...

I am a South African who watched the 20/20 indian league and the world 20/20 cricket tournament. I watched my country play so-so and do hold some critisism for the team but Australia and England deserved to be in the final... I think that the right team won and Pietersen deserved to get man of the tournament... 1st class cricket was played on the day !!

Posted 11:48 17th May 2010

Martin Carr says...

Well done to the boys, a well deserved win. We were excellent throughout the tournament (as were the Aussies, to be fair). Like someone else said, it was a bit weird seeing them cruise past the likes of Sri Lanka and New Zealand - our usual hurdles we trip on. A concrete bowling attack is what won it for us and will continue to do damage in the ODI and Test matches too. To the Irish who keep saying they would have beaten us - are you so sure? Given that 3.3 overs in and you were only 14/1? And on the subject of Nationality, what about Trent Johnston?

Posted 11:45 17th May 2010

Tom A says...

Well played England, completely deserved it. Cant understand all the chat about the South Africans in the team. KP's mother was born in England, that makes him half English to me and Lumb's father was English and played some pretty good cricket for Yorkshire, again half English. Come on England

Posted 11:44 17th May 2010

Jason Glazier says...

Well done England Great effort all tournament deserved Winners! Great credit must go to Andy Flower he is the brains behind all of our great bowling and batting plans a true legend in my eyes, i love the jealousy of people mentioning players not born in England. South Africa never Picked KP they thought he wasnt good enough there stupidity is our Gain...plus check out KP's tattoo thats English enough for me haha Come on Englad its time to Celebrate this great achievement.....the Facts dont lie ENGLAND OUR WORLD CHAMPIONS! COME ON!!!

Posted 11:41 17th May 2010

Ash Rana says...

What about all the foreign players that exist in Australian and New Zealand rugby, not to mention SA taking players from other southern African countries. England's foreign contingent choose to play for the team and they obviously made the correct choice because they are the ones with the silverware.

Posted 11:28 17th May 2010

Tony Moss says...

To those morons who state England were only there because the weather interviened during the Ireland match, please also remember the West Indies beat England due to weather intervention as well. Had D/L not been in play, WI would not have chased down that total. And for all the others on here banging about 'bringing on the Ashes', do you all realise that England play a lot of other internation cricket apart from Ashes tournaments?

Posted 11:28 17th May 2010

Khurram Zeshan says...

England Deserve it Well Done England Bravooo

Posted 11:27 17th May 2010

Ayub Khan says...

It is so true the opportunities this country provides is amazing and that is why England won the 2020. SA politics a team based around a few Smith, Kallis & Boucher. I remember a guy called Gulam Bodi an opening batsman for the Titans was selected for the 2020 WC a couple of years ago in place of Kallis and boy did JK make some noise. In the end Bodi was 12th man and he did not play. Smith is the rot and he will be until he is no longer captain. In England you will get an opportunity in SA you won't.

Posted 11:26 17th May 2010

Marilyn Blakeley says...

I am so fed up with all these people banging on about South Africa & Ireland. After all, these players learned most of their cricket in ENGLAND and they want to play for England. Why all these sour grapes? England deserved to win the whole tournament they were the best and I can't see why they shouldn't go on to be the major team in the world. Go England we are all so very proud of each and every one of you. Not a weak link in the team. Well done 'My Boys'.

Posted 11:25 17th May 2010

Jan Schutte says...

Well done England, I am really pleased for you. Now all you need is a fast South African bowler to add to your South African batsmen then your team will be well balanced.

Posted 11:15 17th May 2010

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